Philodendron pedatum care & propagation guide [step by step guide]

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Are you having problems with your philodendron pedatum care? Sometimes you try to provide every kind of caring properly, but still, the plant exhibits problems through its structure or any other medium.

The amount of watering, soil, fertilizers, temperatures, humidity etc. that are included in philodendron pedatum plant care has some specific ratio that is best for plants’ growth. The overdose or absence may lead to plants’ disorganized cycle even death too.  

If you are searching for a better platform that can direct you to the perfect activities needed to perform towards the plant, you may rely on the below description. I may assure you the reliable information from the plant aspects.

Philodendron pedatum 

Who doesn’t like an evergreen plant like philodendron pedatum? Philodendron pedatum is a tropical climber plant that originated in the South American part. But because of their extremely beautiful and stylish foliage, they are now spread worldwide. 

But to grow a pedatum plant in your house, you should certainly maintain some specific rules.

To accomplish this purpose, the overall caring procedures of a philodendron pedatum plant are described. Enjoy them for your happy gardening. 

Philodendron pedatum plant
Philodendron pedatum plant

Philodendron pedatum care

Gardening is not only about watering and fertilizing. If you are thinking about a healthy atmosphere, you have to make your plant rely on your duties towards them. 


To state the watering procedure, I want to say something about the importance of watering. Water, when reached to the leaf surface, prepares the stomata for the photosynthesis process which is needed for food preparation. Again, it carries valuable inner products of the plant.

Imagine yourself, will it be possible for a plant to grow enough if watering is not accurate?

The water you are providing should be pure. It must be free from diseases or any heavy metals like arsenic, lead etc. Your philodendron pedatum plant loves to drink the same type of water as you are taking.

What about the procedure?

You drink water when you are feeling thirsty, right? Like you, philodendron pedatum also wants to have such watering. But how can you understand they need water? 

A simple trick should be applied in this case. Water your pedatum plant regularly but in a small range. On summer days, when the temperature goes against us, water in every one or two days. But not too much.

But in winter and showering days, notice your plant. If water is completely taken up by the plant and the soil looks brownish, water the plant. 

Most importantly, neither allow the roots to drown your water nor let them cherish for water. Try to ensure the watering through regular observation. 

Pot should have proper drainage system
Pot should have proper drainage system

Otherwise, root rot caused by overwatering or yellowing caused by underwatering will make your plant starve and permanent damage.


Sunlight is one of the main elements of food preparation. Your waiting for a vigorous philodendron pedatum plant depends on the sunlight intensity. Besides, it is also worth mentioning how much sunlight it gets in a day.

Philodendron pedatum plants love to have almost 7 to 10 hours of sunlight in a day. This is because of its xerophytic structures in the body. But the distribution of sunlight should be the same at all times.

You should keep your plant near the window in a southeast direction. As a result, it won’t face much heat from the sun on hot days. Again, the intensity that is getting the plant won’t increase the transpiration rate or won’t cause any other problems.

If you fail to provide such sunlight for nearly 10 hours, the plant won’t die. But the growth rate will be reduced.


The optimum temperature range for philodendron pedatum is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But what is this optimum temperature? 

Optimum temperature is when a plant feels comfortable to complete physical activities properly. But what if your plant doesn’t get the proper temperature? I will show you the difference. 

In case of low temperature, the plant will be frozen up from inside. But what bullshit it is! How can a plant be frozen? Well, it is a metaphor.  The low temperature reduces the viability of the plant. Plants cannot survive the situation because of a frost attack. They lose their turgidity.

The same condition of losing shininess is also seen in the case of high temperatures. The transpiration rate gets over than necessity and finally, the plant feels stressed.  


60% or over- is this humidity enough for a philodendron pedatum plant? I get this question from many gardeners. Normally pedatum plants can be well dispersed in this situation. But that doesn’t prove it cannot survive in any other humidity. 

Philodendron pedatum is a tropical plant. So you can’t ignore its demand for humidity. If you possess a humidifier, it will be very helpful for you. The moment you are noticing the vigorous growth of your plant, you may check the humidity. 

It will assure you of the best humidity requirement of your plant. Else, you can depend on the information of 60% humidity. 

But higher than it will increase pest attack and lower humidity will exhibit leaves turning yellow and drooping off.


Suppose, you water your plant twice a week generally on cold days. But sometimes, the temperature may fluctuate and the weather may not remain too cold as the other days. At that time, you may need to add extra water to your plant. 

Or, excessive heat may cause the necessity of some sprinkles around the leaves. The plant should be kept aside from rainfall, thunder or storms that may be responsible for the plant’s damage.

The all-over caring of a plant won’t differ from day to day. But the weather of a particular day may cause some extra demands for your plant. That you can understand looking at the plant consciously. 

Climatic zone

Every plant has a specific distribution for its inner constitution. All plants cannot grow in any region. But fortunately, the philodendron pedatum plant is such a houseplant that can survive through hard conditions. 

If you are from such a part of the world where the required weather elements are not favorable, you can create a micro-climate in case of obsession towards this joyful plant. 

Greenhouse, net house etc. techniques are being applied worldwide through which you can create a comfortable place for your pedatum plant.

Fertilizer requirement 

Fertilizers are the food of a plant. Excessive eating is injurious to health. In the same process, starvation will lead to damage of body tissues. The same formula is also applicable for your philodendron pedatum plant. 

Firstly, I would like to mention some fertilizers’ names that you can apply to your plant. Application of Miracle-gro fertilizer, Indoor plant fertilizer, Purived fertilizers etc. fertilizers will be helpful for your plant. Try to use the liquid fertilizer as it is slow-releasing and better for plants.

Now, comes the point of how to use fertilizer for philodendron pedatum plant? 

That is a simple matter. Dilute one to two teaspoons of fertilizer in a gallon of water. Spray the mixture with a sprayer or apply it while watering near the root zone. 

The time of applying fertilizer is also important as perfect plant growth needs exact fertilizing. Fertilizing once a month on summer days is enough for the plant’s growth. On winter days, you can use fertilizers once in two months. But the application method should be accurate as mentioned in the fertilizer bottle.


Repotting is the solution when your plant will face a rootbound problem. This indicates the problem that because of growing larger, a plant cannot circulate its root growing system in the pot.

Sometimes, if the soil becomes too unhealthy or the lack of nutrition is severe in soil, repotting is done. It’s nothing about a simple process that is conducted when roots become congested in the pot. Just uproot your plant and plant it in a new pot which is prepared with a mixture of nutrition-rich elements and soil.

You can easily do it. Just remind one thing the plant should not come in contact with any unwanted germs or insects. 

Pest management 

Aphids, mites, scales etc. are the greatest enemies of a philodendron pedatum plant. Along with those, blotch, damping off, mosaic etc. also have negative effects on a pedatum plant. 

You can take help of industrial fungicides or insecticides to protect your plant. If you want homemade recipes, then neem oil, neem extract and baking soda solution are enough to be used against these pests.

The best remedy for a bacterial attack is to remove the affected parts so that the other parts cannot be affected.


Philodendron pedatum can be propagated through seeds, air layering and stem cutting. But the seeds are not available at every place. Air layering is a process that needs much skill and experience. Stem cutting is the simplest way of all. 

So, the procedure of stem cutting is described here-

Step 1- Select a mother plant

A healthy pedatum mother plant
A healthy pedatum mother plant

A mother plant that is completely disease-free, healthy, vigorous and mature enough should be selected for the mother plant. 

Step 2- Cut the stem part

cutting for philodendron pedatum
cutting for philodendron pedatum

Cut a part of the stem from that mother plant. You can use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors in this case. Cut at least 4-5 inches from below. Remove the leaves from the below portion of the cut stem.

Step 3- Plant the cutting

The cutting should be planted in a new pot that was prepared previously. The soil for the new cutting is prepared by soil and peat moss mixture. You can use charcoal along with moss. 

The soil should be highly enriched with nutrients matters. It is better to choose sandy loam soil for planting because that soil is neither porous nor sticky. The root initiation will be benefited as water and nutrient absorption will be high.

Prepared soil for philodendron pedatum
Prepared soil for philodendron pedatum

As additional care, you can plunge your cutting in a rooting hormone so that around 2-4 cm portion of the cutting can be stuck with the rooting hormone. This is not mandatory but may enhance root formation. 

You can also put the cutting in a jar full of water if you want the root sprouting in water. Water medium enhances the rooting system and fastens it.

Planting in the new pot
Planting in the new pot

Step 4- Watering the cutting

After planting the cutting, water it properly but not too much. Water should not stand in the lower portion of the pot. 

Step 4- Root appearance

Fibrous roots will appear in two to three weeks if you can take proper care of your plant ensuring all the facilities it demands.

Caring needed while propagation 

The precautions offered to a philodendron pedatum cutting are the first care that ensures the impressive establishment of its foliage. You need to be careful so that they get enough strength and support to be rigid for the future life. You must secure the following points-

  • Cutting is not injured by any means during propagation. 
  • Any kind of disease infestation cannot be happened because of environmental factors.
  • Mechanical hazards such as contamination through your hand must be avoided. You can wear gloves for this purpose. 
  • After cutting, try to plant it in the pot immediately. 
  • The pot should contain an appropriate drainage system. 

After the propagation steps are completed, you have to pay attention to the rest of the caring. You have to maintain all of those criteria that you provide to a matured plant. 

Such as enough bright sunlight, around 60° F temperature, 60% humidity, sufficient watering etc. Until roots come out, the cutting needs daily observance to avoid any harmful thing.

Philodendron pedatum plant damage 

Philodendron pedatum plant normally starts to damage if any of the elements needed for their life support remains unsuitable. It is a hardy plant. But still, the imbalanced condition makes them weak from the inside. This weakness is exhibited through different activities.   

Growth retard

The growth of a philodendron pedatum plant depends on the continuity of its physical requirements. A dwarf plant is produced because of the absence of enough sunlight and watering. The fertilizer factor is also responsible for this.

When the supply of essential nutrients is not adequate, plants lack every step of their activities. They cannot even properly prepare enough food for their parts. The higher the deficiency, the lower the growth rate. 

Stems become narrower and shorter than the actual look. That’s why the overall plant growth stops and it is understood by their visual expression. 

Root damage

One of the main causes of root damage is overwatering. An overwatered philodendron pedatum plant root is completely rotted. Sometimes, root gall, lesions etc. are also seen in them. 

Around 60% of the root problems are caused by this overwatering. But what is the problem with overwatering?

There is always a definite amount of water that a plant needs as well as takes. Whenever you are watering more than its necessity, the excess water cannot be absorbed by the plant system. So that water is clogged in the root zone.

Underwatering, pest attacks also are responsible in this term if you fail to take care of them.

Pest attack

This is one of the major problems that possess the ability to turn your green garden into a bare space. Specially aphids and mites are the greatest enemies of pedatum plants.

Fungi and bacteria also remain ready for the time when you lack caring for your plant. Excessive high humidity levels and overwatering invite pests. These are at a time deteriorating for plants and favorable for aphids. As a result, the plant can be simply attacked. 

Leaves yellowing and drooping

How will you feel if you see a dying plant after waking up in the morning? 

You might be feeling something inauspicious. The same foliage parts which were the source of your joy, peace and an energetic day, will be turned into a grimier day because of their yellowing and drooping.

But maybe you are the responsible person for this occurrence. The leaves turn yellow or brown because of such problems of caring. You may not notice the watering condition, temperature, sunlight etc. on your busy days. But ignorance for a long time will make them lifeless.

Yellow leaves of philodendron pedatum
Yellow leaves of philodendron pedatum

The pest attack may also cause them to lack vivacity until you take effective measures to sort out their problems.

Plant death

This is the final step when you are going to lose your philodendron pedatum plant. Yeah! This condition will appear because of your negligence for a long time. 

Despite showing the problematic symptoms, if you don’t sort out the problems, the plant will be devastated and gradually it will die.

Philodendron pedatum caring at a glance

The detailed discussion of the caring processes is shortly reflected here if you want to know them at a glance.

  • Watering- Once in one to two days on summer days. But it should be in a little amount according to the intensity of heat.
  • Sunlight- Bright sunlight is needed for at least 7-10 hours a day. But it should not be so scorching that penetrates the leaves.
  • Temperature- Around 60°F is appropriate. 
  • Humidity- Around 60% temperature is needed.
  • Fertilizer- Dilute fertilizer should be applied once a month. 
  • Soil- Sandy loam soil, soil pH should be 6.1 to 7.3
  • Pruning- Should not be done.
  • Growing medium- Soil and water both.

Why not you enjoy the visual expressions of these caring?

Final thoughts

Finally, I have to wrap up my thoughts now. Don’t be so tense if you are facing problems with your philodendron pedatum plant recently. Perfect caring can get back them as they looked before.

Though this is tough, may be possible. So the better option is not to take the risk and care for your plant from the very beginning. A beautifully decorated morning will be presented to you by them.


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