Alocasia brancifolia care, propagation- All you need to know

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Are you searching for an appropriate caring guide for your brancifolia plant? Or, want to get information about the basic characteristics of this beautiful plant? If you want to, this article is decorated with your necessary information. 

Alocasia brancifolia needs bright and indirect sunlight, 70-90% humidity, around 68°F temperature and sandy loam soil for their betterment. You can continue propagation by cutting their stems. But be conscious of pest attacks, overwatering and sunlight issues which may create brown and curly leaves.

Now, scroll below the article and get detailed information about the alocasia brancifolia plant. 


Scientific nameAlocasia brancifolia
Other namesAlocasia magnifica, pink passion alocasia
OriginIndonesia and Papua New Guinea 
Plant heightAround 1.2 m
Plant typePerennial plant
LeafZebra-striped dark green leaves with pink petioles
StemGreen stems
SoilSandy loam, well-drained and nutrient-enriched soil
SunlightBright indirect sunlight  
WateringModerate watering
Humidity Around 68°F
Temperature 70 to 90%

Where to buy alocasia brancifolia?

In the case of buying alocasia brancifolia, I will suggest you rely on online websites or plant shops like Etsy. If you can manage it from your local nurseries, check the appearance of the plant as sometimes nurserymen sell other similar plants consciously or unconsciously.

Alocasia brancifolia
Alocasia brancifolia

Alocasia brancifolia care

Let’s get some ideas about alocasia brancifolia plant caring. To care for your brancifolia plant, you must provide proper light intensity, water, temperature and humidity, the best soil and the best fertilizer. 

Light requirement 

The light requirement of an alocasia brancifolia plant is bright indirect light. You can keep your plant a little far from the window or the place where direct sunlight falls. As excessive sunlight will burn the leaves and make the leaves discolored, you should always care about the light intensity. 

Watering guide 

Next, I will talk about their watering guide. Watering should be enough when at least 2 inches of the soil gets dry. But excessive watering will be deteriorating them. So don’t water more than is necessary. At the same time, make sure that the drainage system is well-developed.

Best soil for alocasia brancifolia

The soil should be sandy loam and enriched with nutrients. The sand particles help in the drainage system and the loamy configuration holds moisture and nutrient in the soil. A soil mixture prepared with sphagnum moss, perlite and coco-peat is the best soil.

Temperature and humidity

Then, you should make the temperature and humidity range comfortable for the plant. The temperature requirement of alocasia brancifolia is around 68°F and the humidity range lies between 70 to 90%. To facilitate the growth of the plant, you must care for these ranges.

Best fertilizer for brancifolia

The final caring topic is their fertilizer requirement. Well, liquid fertilizers are considered best for them as they release slowly to the root zone and reach the apex of the plant. The fertilizer quantity should be moderate so that excessive fertilizer cannot burn the leaves of the plant.

Alocasia brancifolia plant propagation 

Want to propagate alocasia brancifolia? Stem cutting will be the best method for this purpose and it will be easy too. Follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the procedure easily.

Step 1- Mother plant: Select a healthy and mature mother plant which is also disease-free. The outlook of the plant will ensure its maturity through its glossy look.

Step 2-Cutting: Divide the rhizome with a knife or a pair of scissors. Each of the cutting should have a rootlet.

Dividing rhizome
Dividing rhizome

Step 3- Planting: Plant the cutting in the pot previously prepared with the soil mixture. Water the soil and take proper care of the new cutting.


How to repot alocasia brancifolia plant? 

Are you confused if your alocasia brancifolia plant needs repotting or not? Well, if you see a rootbound or root rot problem in your plant, then it needs repotting. Uproot the plant without disturbing the root system and plant it in the new pot with the proper soil mixture. Thus, you may repot your plant.

Why are my alocasia brancifolia leaves turning brown?

Alocasia brancifolia leaves turn brown due to excessive watering. Imbalanced or huge watering under the normal osmosis pressure deficit breaks the usual flow of water. As a result, the root system becomes unable to properly support the plant system. Consequently,  the alocasia leaves become brown with black spots.

Why is my alocasia brancifolia curling?

Alocasia brancifolia leaves may become curly because of a scarcity of water and scorching sunlight. Whenever you place your plant in scorching afternoon sunlight or the environment temperature is too high, the transpiration rate is increased and the cells with pigments get dry causing curly leaves. 

Alocasia brancifolia vs alocasia portei plant 

Let’s have a look at alocasia portei which is similar to alocasia brancifolia. Both of the plants have green leaves with green stems. But the brancifolia leaves are darker than the portei plant and the brancifolia leaves are more lobed which makes difference between them.

Alocasia portei
Alocasia portei

Alocasia brancifolia vs alocasia jacklyn plant

Alocasia jacklyn also resembles the brancifolia in its lobed green leaves. But the brancifolia leaves are more lobed than jacklyn. But the green color shade is almost the same in both of the plants along with resembling their petiole color.

Alocasia jacklyn
Alocasia jacklyn

Is alocasia brancifolia toxic?

It may be toxic to pets and dogs and humans who have allergic problems. For those people, it may create skin irritation and other problems. Again, children should be kept far from them.

What are the benefits of alocasia brancifolia?

The benefits of alocasia brancifolia are-

  • They create a soothing environment inside the house by improving air quality. 
  • You can keep them both inside and outside the house.
  • They fulfil the ornamental demand
  • They are easy to maintain. 

Final thoughts 

So, I have to say goodbye as I have described all the main facts about alocasia brancifolia. People love it because of its unique color combination, different types of foliage patterns and glossy foliage color of them.

Most importantly, their easy maintenance will keep you tension-free on your busy days. So try to fulfil all the demands of your plant and get a soothing environment inside your house which will facilitate your mental peace and increase your concentration in your activities.

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