How to propagate Golden Pothos? – Increase the number nOW!

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If you are obsessed with golden pothos, definitely you are thinking about multiplying them to enrich your garden. Well, the propagation of golden pothos is very easy if you can conduct it properly.

Stem cutting or separation can be easily adjusted with the golden pothos propagation procedure. A few materials will be needed and departing them from the mother plant and planting them in another pot may give you success.

Some technical knowledge may be needed for you to complete these whole procedures. But don’t be tense. This article is here for you to give you the proper directions for propagating golden pothos plants.

Golden Pothos Characteristics

Who can ignore the beautiful lemonade strips on green platforms that golden pothos leaves include? The pretty stripes are such as expressing their aristocracy while green is in a gentle look.

A trailing vine with a height of 6 feet to 12 feet exhibits its supremacy whereas the softness may be gained in their little fuzzy stems. 

Well, flower parts are rare in golden pothos. Maybe golden pothos blooming in 1964 for the very first time. But still, now, we can’t get such another record. But that won’t be disappointing as the foliage part is carrying the role of whole beauty.

Golden Pothos Propagation

Importance of Propagation 

Propagation is the procedure by which a plant can be multiplied in too many numbers through its vegetative parts like leaf, stem etc. Or maybe by seeds or another kind of modification.

It is clear that golden pothos doesn’t bloom regularly. So, we have no option for seed propagation. In this sphere, we have only one way to multiply the numbers of this plant and that is by propagating by stem or by separation.

If the procedures are not conducted properly, this variety will start losing its generation day by day and that’s why we need this knowledge.

Golden Pothos Propagation

Golden pothos can be propagated by stem cutting and root cutting. Any part of the stem with buds and nodes is taken and they are planted in a new pot containing soil or water. Root cutting also goes in the same procedure.

How do I know that golden pothos is ready for propagation?

The propagation procedure needs some specific criteria for better results. Some issues will prove the perfect time of propagation. If you propagate your golden pothos in that time, it will bring you success.


Maturity indicates the perfect condition of the whole plant for propagation. Each part of the plant like stem, leaf, buds etc. should be well developed. At that time, you can understand that your golden pothos plant is ready for propagation. 

Healthy growth 

Healthy growth is another indication that will make you realize that you may go for propagation. The leaves’ growth towards the sunlight is a very good indication.

Again, the leaves and stems should be disease-free. You can be sure of that if you find your plant parts without any spots or blotches.

What Materials are Needed for Golden Pothos Propagation?

You should be conscious of the materials that you are using for propagation. Because of lack of proper concern, viruses or fungi may grow on the new plant parts.

The materials that you will need-

A sharp knife

A sharp knife is mandatory in this case. If you use a blunt knife, severe wounds may happen that will make the mother plant susceptible to plant pathogens.

Polythene sheets

Polythene sheets are normally needed to keep the parts of the plant that are isolated from the mother plant. This part will be the primitive part of a new plant. So it should be kept with great care before planting.

New pots & Watering cane

The number of pots should be arranged before cutting where the cut stem or root will be planted. Watering canes are needed to water the new seedlings after planting. 

Proper environment 

A healthy plant part will ensure you a new golden pothos plant if you can make surroundings free of too much air and dust. It will help to keep the new plant surroundings free from all kinds of diseases.

The propagation system should be done earlier in the morning when the sunlight is not too scorching.

Propagation Procedure 

Golden pothos can be propagated in two ways. Stem cutting in soil and stem cutting in water.

Propagation in soil

Let’s have some knowledge about this procedure.

Cutting the stem: Cut the stem at a length of 4-6 inches or 10-15 cm.

Cutting of Golden Pothos
Cutting of Golden Pothos

Leaves to be kept: Make sure to have a minimum of 4-6 leaves in that stem. The leaves which are near the cutting or wilted should be removed. Node should be present.

Root node: The stem should contain a clear root node. This node will help for new root initiation that is important for the new plant.


Rooting hormone: Take the stem to the rooting hormone and dip to that hormone to initiate rooting.

Rooting Hormone
Rooting Hormone

Soil preparation: Make a pot prepared with half perlite or sandy soil and half of the peat moss.

Prepared Soil
Prepared Soil

Planting in the pot: After dipping into the rooting hormone, plant the soil in the pot.

Environment to be kept: Water a little and keep it to sunlight which is bright but not direct. Fertilizers should be applied at least one month later after propagation.

Propagation in Water

Golden Pothos can also be propagated in water. Now let’s explore the step-by-step procedure of water propagation.

Cutting the stem: Cut the stem following the same range of 10-15 cm with 4-6 healthy leaves. At least one healthy root node should be present.

Jar for Propagation
Jar for Propagation

Water medium: Water medium should be prepared with only a small amount of rooting hormone diluted in the water. Fertilizers should be applied at least after one month of propagation. A jelly jar or glass jar can be appropriate for this system.

Placing the plant: After cutting the stem, the stem is to be kept in the water medium which is prepared earlier.

Placing the jar
Placing the jar

Preparing pot: A pot with half a portion of perlite or sand and half a portion of peat moss should be prepared for the plant’s succession.

Placing in the pot: At the time when rooting is just started, it should be placed in the prepared pot. Water a little and keep it in a warm place of indirect sunlight.

Separation method: The separation method is not too popular but still, it is a great way to propagate golden pothos. It will be applicable if your pothos plant is growing laterally.

Lateral Growth
Lateral Growth

Loose the root ball: Simply let your plant outgrow gently. If needed, loose the root ball by gentle messaging. It will be needed if the root ball is packed tightly.

Cut the plant part: Cut your pothos plant in two or three parts with root balls with a sharp and clean knife or scissors. 

Prepare the soil in the pot: By mixing sand and peat moss, prepare the pot for planting. Sandy loam soil is better for golden pothos as it will be good for drainage. New plant parts should be planted in the prepared soil for root initiation. 

What Care Should Be Taken After Propagation?

After planting, you still have some responsibilities to complete. Some carings are needed for the plant so that it may grow properly. 

Proper sunlight

Sunlight has some variations that can affect the growth of the new seedling. The sunlight of early morning and late afternoon is appropriate for the plant’s healthy growth. 

Golden pothos needs direct but bright sunlight. Early morning sunlight will be more perfect.

Watering procedure 

Golden pothos doesn’t need much watering. Watering is needed only when almost 50% of the soil is dry. Excess watering will cause harmful situations for a golden pothos plant. 

Drainage system

The drainage system should be well developed for this plant. A small hole under the pot may be enough for drainage purposes. 


18-24 degrees Celsius temperature is perfect for golden pothos plants. A temperature below 18 degrees Celsius may introduce frost attacks and different kinds of fungal attacks. 


Fertilizers are normally diluted in the water and applied at the time of planting. After that, when the seedling is in its growing stage, it should be fertilized once a month.


The humidity level should be favorable for the proper growth of golden pothos. High humidity is avoided and 60-70% humidity is supposed to be perfect for its growth.

FAQ on Golden pothos propagation

1. If any plant is rooted in water, can it survive in soil?

Well, this answer goes to a technical issue. If you put that plant too much in the water, it will be adaptable in water. Then, placing it in soil may cause it harm. Transferring to the soil just at the time of root initiation won’t be much troubling. But too many days in the water will make the plant dependable to water medium. 

2. Which method is the best?

This answer will vary from person to person. But I normally suggest the procedure of propagating in soil. After that, the choice is yours as your experience, skill and wish.

3. Is water medium perfect for golden pothos?

Golden pothos can start rooting in water medium. If it is kept for a long time after rooting, it should be kept in water because of its favorable condition. Otherwise, it may die or loss its shine. 

But soil medium is best for pothos multiplying.

Final thoughts 

Golden pothos is the most common type of pothos family. It is almost supposed to be the actual pothos because of its primitive origin. But sometimes it also may be rare for you to collect.

If you don’t want to be bothered by the searching procedure and want to have the same beauty more, propagation will be the best choice for you.

It will be time-saving for you and at the same time effective too. The cost will be low as well. That’s why you can easily adapt to this procedure.

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