12 Amazing Golden Pothos Benefits – [You Should Consider]

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Have you ever noticed the benefits of your golden pothos plant?

Golden pothos is an adorable and mostly found variety of the pothos family. Some may think that golden pothos is poisonous.

But simply, this plant has a great influence on a person and the surrounding of that place where it is placed.

It can work as a purifier, ornamental plant, medicine of anxiety etc. at a time. But how? 

Golden pothos plants are always a great attraction for the houseplants lover because of their glamorous enamoring look and various benefits. Such a queen plant can be maintained easily which will make your busy day quite enjoyable. Besides, health benefits are also present in it.

It is amazing for an ornamental plant to hold so many benefits. If you are still confused, check the below points to have a glance at a golden pothos plant. 

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos plants are common houseplants that can lavishly decorate your house. This can be available at any place in the world.

Golden Pothos

As it has acquired a lot of popularity, nowadays it is found in almost all nurseries. Before having one, have some basic knowledge of a golden pothos plant.

Characteristics Golden pothos
Scientific nameEpipremnum aureum 
Family Araceae 
Plant heightAround 20 m
leaf shapeHeart-shaped
Leaf colorGolden strips on emerald green color
Leaf sizeJuvenile leaves-20 cm long irregular Pinnatifid leaves-100 cm 
Stem 4 cm in diameter
Stem typeTrailing
Leaf qualitySmooth
FloweringRare when gibberellin is sprayed
Flower production Flowers are produced in a spathe
Used asHouse plant
Other namesMoney plant, Devil’s ivy, Cylon Creeper
Aerial rootPresent
Fertilizers necessityVery low 
Light requirement Bright but indirect
Temperature needed18° to 30° Celsius
Humidity 60%
PropagationStem cutting and separation
Growing mediumSoil and water 

Why is the golden pothos an ideal plant?

Golden Pothos is an ideal plant for home decorations, environment purification and conserving health issues. 

Such a beneficial plant doesn’t require much care. It may survive for many days though you haven’t watered or taken care of it.

Simply pick one golden pothos plant and keep it in a pot or hanging basket in your room. That will bring your charm.

It indicates your decorative outlook and the fresh mind that you possess.

Golden pothos benefits

Golden pothos plants will provide you with various benefits in different aspects. Let’s go through them.

Found easily

Golden pothos plants are typically found in the nurseries of houseplants. If you are too busy to go to a nursery, you can purchase it online. 

Among the pothos plants, pothos like a harlequin, neon etc. are tiresome to find. 

But golden pothos is the most common pothos plant among the pothos varieties. 

If you want to have a pothos plant for your home garden or room corner, golden pothos is considered the best.

Easy to propagate 

You can easily propagate golden pothos plants in your home by stem cutting.

Many of the gardeners like the propagation system in case of multiplying their plants to nurture the plants from the beginning of life.  

Besides, propagation reduces the cost of purchasing plants.

This propagation method is easily conducted through golden pothos plants. By cutting the stem with nodes and planting it on another pot spontaneously begins a new green life.

The separation method can be also fruitful in these plants. Simply a trailing vine can give rise to a new plant.

May grow in different mediums

Pothos plants may survive in both soil and water mediums. Besides, you may grow it in soil though after propagating in water.

Pothos plants have both hydrophytic and xerophytic characteristics. 

With the help of these features, they can adapt to both soil and water. In soil medium, they show their xerophytic features in which they rise through the soil structure.

Golden Pothos grow in soil medium
Golden Pothos grow in soil medium

In water, they become prominent by absorbing water from the root and the submerged stem parts and surviving. 

They possess such adaptation that, after growing in water, they can change their body potential to adjust with soil medium.

Golden Pothos grow in water medium
Golden Pothos grow in water medium

Requires minimum care

Golden pothos plants’ caring necessity is very slight. On busy days, you may forget to water them, but still, they will endure you.

They have high adaptation and growing power. They can enlarge their trailing vine so fast that other plants may not.

They need a very low amount of fertilizers. Fertilizing a teaspoon of liquid fertilizer diluted in water once a month will be enough for them.

A moderate amount of bright but indirect light will be enough for its growth.

Again, they can compromise with moderate temperature and humidity. Their nutrient status is enriched.

If you are a busy person or usually forget to take care of plants, certainly you should go for a pothos plant.

Grows without sunlight

Golden pothos plants can grow even without sunlight. That’s why they are called devil’s ivy. They can grow in an entirely dark place.

In some winter days or rainy seasons, we can’t get sunlight for days. Golden pothos can survive through extreme conditions. 

In some countries, sunlight disappears several times due to the weather and climate conditions. Golden pothos plants can grow in that region. 

Air purifier 

NASA’s Clean Air survey recommends the golden pothos plant as a great air purifier.

It is proven that a golden pothos plant has the ability to remove toxicants like toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide, methane, xylene etc. from the air.

Due to human activities, the air is now becoming more engaged with toxic vapors. Golden pothos removes that.

If you keep golden pothos in your room, it will keep your room free from such bad odor.  

Aids in allergy

Nowadays due to the increase of dust, allergy problems have become very common to us.

Along with air purifying, golden pothos increases the humidity level of the environment. This quality helps to aid in allergy.

Dry air contains different kinds of pathogens, disease organisms etc. At the same time, skin irritation is also caused by dry air.

Golden pothos makes the solutions for these problems.

Radiation absorption 

Many researchers suggest keeping a golden pothos plant near the computer, wifi-router, television etc. This is because golden pothos absorbs radiation. 

It is scientifically proven that golden pothos leaves are highly activated to absorb the radiation.

Ornamental foliage 

The trailing vines and colorful foliage of a golden pothos plant play the role of ornamental decoration.

It normally always keeps a decorative look in your house. The different colors of the foliage will make your house or room alluring. 

You can keep it in a corner or window side of a room. The fast-growing vines will cover the full corner.

A flowery charming look will be provided by the leaves’ colors along with the whole plant. The characteristics are so adorable that you will be highly recommended to keep a golden pothos plant in your room.

Ornamental Foliage

Benefits in aquarium 

Golden pothos have significant effects on the aquarium. Its trailing vines help the fishes to swim. Roots are also helpful in this case.

At the same time, golden pothos provides oxygenation to the aquarium. 

It also works as a biological filter in aquariums. It takes the carbon dioxide of the fishes and provides oxygen again.

Benefits in aquarium

Mental relaxation 

Golden pothos is always supposed to be a provider of mental relaxation. 

It is scientifically proven that when a person touches the leaves of a golden pothos plant, his or her mind will be refreshed.

The different colors provide a peaceful nature in the room. After completing a tiresome day, you can get tranquility because of a pothos plant.

It will increase your productivity and will keep you calm if you feel stressed during work.

By increasing the ease of your life, it helps you to have a sound sleep when you lie in bed.

So, you will be mentally relaxed if you keep a golden pothos plant in your house.

Money plant 

A golden pothos plant is a sign of prosperity and luck.

Feng Shui is a common theory that redirects to the principles of house decoration or interior design. Golden pothos can help you with this decorative look.

Again, it is thought that golden pothos is always a good sign of purity that will bring wealth to that house. 

That’s why it is commonly called a money plant.

Final words 

Such a golden queen can appear only in a golden pothos look. You can’t avoid the fascination of it.

You can save a pothos plant without almost no care. Still, you are having too many benefits. 

Many of us think of bringing a pothos plant but don’t purchase it because of having ignorance of golden pothos benefits. 

To remove your ignorance, this article is developed where you may get all ins and outs of a golden pothos plant.

So let’s start charming gardening if you are thinking of golden pothos. Happy gardening!


1. Is golden pothos good for the bedroom?

-Golden pothos is a healthy plant by which you can easily decorate your room. It enhances mental peace and keeps the room surrounding fresh and disease-free.

So you can easily put it in your bedroom.

2. Is there any toxic element in golden pothos? 

-The crystals of calcium oxalate may create irritation to the skin. But they are not extremely poisonous. 

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