Hoya Krimson Princess Care – Save your dying plant

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You may recently own a new Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess or have an existing one. Hoya Krimson Princess care is a pretty easy job. They are always an attractive plant for indoor gardens. Their main attraction is their beautiful flower and their variegated leaves. 

They have absolutely stunning leaves. Their foliage is thick. They hold a creamy color in the center of their leaves. 

They are very low-maintenance plants. Every plant lover can easily maintain them. The Krimson Princess is from a wax plant family. They are called wax plants because of their waxflower. They are very popular from the earliest days like the ’80s.

Hoya Krimson Princess care includes indirect bright light with average watering, higher humidity, organic soil mix and a decent amount of fertilizer only in the growing season.

It can climb anything. It will make your window more beautiful with its climbing ability.

A mature plant can grow 10-12 inches. They give you a bunch of flowers which emblazon your room. As well as they give you a nice smell that will amaze you obviously. It will give you a chocolate-like fragrance. Your indoor garden will be more gorgeous if you add them to your list.

In your busy schedule, you can take proper care of them, because they don’t need much care.

However, They will be in a great look and a healthy plant when you give them proper care. Here is everything that you want to know.

Overview of Hoya Krimson Princess

Common NameHoya Carnosa Tricolor
Scientific NameHoya Carnosa ‘Rubra’
OriginSoutheast Asia
Height10-12 inch
LightIndirect bright light
WaterAverage watering
HumidityHigher Humidity
FertilizerOnce in a growing season

Where I Can Find Hoya Krimson Princess?

You can collect your Krimson Princess from local nursery. Also some etsy sellers have positive reviews from their customers. You can also collect the plant from there.

Shop Healthy Live Krimson Princess

Hoya krimson Princess Live Plant
Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess

Genus & Origin

The genus is Hoya which is named by R. Brown. 300 tropical plants are included in Hoya. Now you find Hoya all over the world. 

Their native is a Southeast Asian country. In the 70s or 80s, they were very popular indoor plants. Your grandparents may be familiar with Hoya Krimson Princess.

And now they are back in the indoor garden with their charm. With their adventitious roots, they are a very good climber. 

After a mature plant, it expands to 30 to 35 inches in length.

Flower & Leaves

The Hoya Krimson princess gives a tuft of flower-like other Hoya’s. This plant produces star-shaped waxy flowers. 

hoya krimson princess flower

They have a reddish pink color. In the center, there is a darker red. As I mentioned before the flower gives a chocolate-like scent.

Many people say that It is a sweet fragrance like honey or custard. Before blooming their buds look like toffee.  

A flower has five folia. Their beautiful geometrical view always glorifies your indoor garden. A Hoya Krimson princess blooms when they are mature.

hoya krimson princess leaves

So don’t expect the flower so fast.  

Their leaves are not so big, only 2 to 3 inches long and in width, they are 2 inches. in the center, they have a cream color. Not all the leaves have a cream center, sometimes it looks white and sometimes nothing but green. When a new leaf comes sometime in the center it looks light pinkish. 

Hoya Krimson Princess Care

However, they are not so needy plants. Hoya Krimson princess grows in any condition. 

If you are a hoya lover and want the blooming hoya you should keep some points under consideration.

I will tell you everything about Hoya Carnosa Krimson princess step by step.

Which Type of Soil Should I Use for My Hoya Krimson Princess?

Your princess will be healthy and bloomy when you give it the good soil or potting mix. It has a root rot problem like other hoyas. 

As well as they love humidity. So you have to serve them well-draining soil. The well-draining soil always prevents the root rot problem.

I use a soil mix for my Krimson princess and do well with that. Epsoma organic potting mix is an available one. 

You can find it in any plant shop or amazon. This orchid bark aerates the soil that gives the root oxygen and enough space to spread.

I add perlite with the orchid bark. Some do prefer pumice because they have no floating problem. Both are good, you can use anything.

Then I use coco coir. It’s a very familiar potting mix that will give you well-draining soil. you can add some charcoal with that if you want.

This mixture always maintains the moisture so it’s a benefit for you. Don’t set it in any wet saucer when you water. 

Water them when you see the top of the soil. I think you don’t face any problem if you use this kind of soil mix.

After using this potting mix I give some sphagnum moss at the potting mix. This moss will keep the moisture. 

And you find a happy Princess. 

When, How much & Which type of Water is suitable for Hoya Krimson Princess?

Watering is not a big deal. It has excellent leaves which can stock the water. In its sleeves, it stores the water. so if you visit any place you can without worry.

Just don’t overwater your plant. I saw many kind overwatering owners who killed their plants. The Krimson princess doesn’t trouble underwater but overwatering kills them.

Sometimes people miss or forget to water it in time. Next time they want to fill the shortage and over water their plant. It’s not required.

However, if you give water regularly, I hope you will not face any kind of problem. water it once or twice a week on summer days. But in winter when you see the soil is dry then water it.

If you find the surface 2-3 inches of the soil mixing is dry, you can give the water. check the dry level by hand or test the weight of your pot.

The time of watering is morning. It relieves your plant. It can evaporate the water all day. At night watering is harmful. Sometimes it causes leaf spots.

hoya krimson princess watering

Water your Hoya Krimson princess by such a can which gives the water in root or soil, not in leaves. You may use a green stainless steel watering can.

Remember that they are tropical plants so you have to use room temperature water. room temperature water doesn’t give it shock. It can not adapt to very cold or very water. 

The last thing is some people think that the time of water is when the leaves curl, it’s not true.

So water your plant regularly which way I mentioned hope you get a good result.

Where Should I Put My Hoya Krimson Princess?

Like others, Hoya plants a Krimson princess like the indirect bright light. Some people say when the winter ends and at the start of spring, they like the direct light. 

The bright light will be helpful for them. This sunlight is quite good for their blooming but not in the summer sun. In summer the direct sunlight burns its leaves.

For their native, it is suitable for an indoor plant. the indirect light but bright will be great. If you set them north or east-facing windows it will do well.

For indirect light, you can use curtains in the window. you can use a hanging planter for it. 

Set it in someplace where it roams easily in anything because of their climbing habit.

Ok, then you do grow indoors and outdoors. Because for some days it loves the outdoor environment.

One little reminder that you can grow krimson princess with grow light.

Temperature for Hoya Krimson Princess

It’s a tropical plant so it loves the warm temperature. at room temperature, it does well. temperature fluctuation is harmful.

If you want to set it outdoors in the summer season, you should set it behind any tree. That will protect it from direct light as well as temperature.

Recommended Fertilizer for Hoya Krimson Princess

You know what it is not a needy plant. Every month you do use fertilizer. In fertilizer recommendations, you can use liquid fertilizer. It is available on amazon.

Organic fertilizer is also good. If the phosphorus concentration is great you will find blooming flowers easily. So you can use this fertilizer. 

You give the fertilizer at the right time like in the growing season. overfeeding is not good for them. So careful about that. Give an adequate level of fertilizer. Don’t overfeed it.

If you want my specific recommendation it would be JR Peters all purpose fertilizers. ( though not mandatory)

Humidity Level for Hoya Krimson Princess

This plant has an attraction for humidity. When you find your plant trouble for anything. It may be humid. So careful about humidity. 

They can tolerate everything if their humidity is ok. I can tell you some easy ways to increase humidity. 

Humidity for Hoya Krimson Princess
  • Firstly, a humidifier can be used. although it is an expensive way. (to increase humidity you can do another thing.)
  • Secondly, you can set your plant in your bathroom if it has enough light. Another thing is adequate light. It is the best way to improve humidity.
  • Thirdly You can mist your plant. You can spray your plant with a spray bottle. In the warm season once or twice a day, misting the Krimson is good enough. But be careful don’t mist yours in blooming time. It rots the flower.
  •  Fourthly you do use a larger pot to keep some plants together. Sometimes it uses root rot so you take some pebbles in the bottom of the pot.
  • You do keep a jar with water inside you Krimson princess. It will also be helpful.

#7. Hoya Krimson Princess Propagation

Hoya plants are propagated by stem or a root cutting. so hoya Carnosa Krimson princess is not different from others.

I do the propagation with soil and water. Both ways give me an amazing result. so, If you want to share a princess with your friend or family,

you can easily propagate it. Then let’s see how I propagate my Hoya carnosa. I recommend a propagation tool set.

  • First I take the best time of the propagation. The time is in the growing season. in the spring to summer is good enough.
  • To cut the stem or root you can use a sharp knife. You can use scissors.
  •  Select a healthy stem for cutting. you can cut it 5 or 6 inches in length. 1 or 2 leaves is fine in the stem.
  •  Disinfect the knife with alcohol or hexanol. Or you do use anything available.

When this thing is available you do the soil propagation or water propagation.

Do you know some Plants can Grow without Soil? Here They are.

Water Propagation

Water is the most popular way to propagate. I prefer water propagation.

In water propagation,

  • You take a clean jar or glass.
  • Fill the jar with distilled or filtered water. The water must be at room temperature. 
  • Cut the stem as I said before with a clean knife 5-6 inches. then place it in water. if you take any leaf in stem ensure that your leaf is not underwater. 
  • Give the bright indirect light. when you find the water messy then refresh it.
  • After some days you discover two or three roots. Then you replace it in a potting mixture.

Soil Propagation

hoya krimson princess propagation

In soil propagation,

  • You can take a high-quality soil mix and well-draining mixture.
  • Water the soil.
  • When you find enough mixture then place your cutting stem in the soil.
  • Give them enough light about what it needs.
  • After finding roots you can transfer it to the big pot or soil mixture.

Hoya Krimson Princess Repotting

Hoya carnosa doesn’t like the repotting. They are good at their pot. but sometimes it faces some problems that indicate you want to repot it. I found some problems and then I repotted my plant.

Those problems are,

  • Roots are coming out of the soil.
  • Found some leaves yellow.

Then I repot it and find excellent results. 

In the process of repotting, I recommend a larger pot from before. But not so big so that your plant easily adapts with that. 

hoya krimson princess repotting

If you choose the next size up plant that is amazing. Your plant will be happy with your decision. When you want to repot it.

  • Firstly, you water them well for one or two days. So that you can easily remove it.
  • Remove it softly. I use a grow pot when I repot it.
  • Then ready a new potting mixture in the new pot.
  • Take the well-draining mixture. Hoya likes their roots being in a bunch. Don’t collapse it.
  • Loosen the root so gently.
  • Place it in the new home.
  • Set it as if it’s root balls are not struggling.
  • Add some soil in the pot slowly after repotting. Then wait for settling in a new place.
  • Take good care. Don’t water it for a couple of days.

Most importantly when it’s blooming don’t repot them. And in the winter season don’t report it.


Are Hoya Krimson princesses toxic to pets?

No, they are not toxic. Many indoor plants are on the toxic list. But Hoya Krimson Princess
It is not as toxic as others.  
Sometimes it may cause problems when your pets or children eat them. you should keep them away from pets because you are a careful owner.
you can use a hanging basket for it. place them in any place that is out of their range. Any remote place like in a window with a hanging planter.

Do I grow my Hoya Krimson Princess outdoors?

Hoya loves indirect light but bright. If you want to grow them outdoors you can place them behind a big tree or something. For some time it can tolerate bright light.
Sometimes outdoor places are good for their prosperity. At the end of the winter season when the growing season starts direct sunlight is good for them.
Because it helps for blooming your Hoya, so this is good news you can grow it indoors and outdoors.

Why does my Hoya Krimson princess look dull?

Because of light or root problems they look dull. First, you have to check their roots. If you find root rot then you can propagate a new Hoya. If the roots are healthy or looking ok.
Then you should take care of the light. The bright or direct light sometimes causes many problems. I avoid the direct light for this. 

How do I prune a Hoya Krimson princess plant

They don’t need prune. They are not so fast-growing. Another reason is they are low maintenance. If you want to prune them, take care of the spurs. Flowers are growing from the same spurs that were before. 
However, carefully cut it. Use a clean knife for it.

When does my Hoya Krimson princess give flowers?

If you give proper care like humidity, water light, it does not take so much time. But at first, they wanted to adjust the place. It may take 2-3 years.
When they grow fluently, they will give you a lovely flower. You have to take so much care in the growing season as I mentioned before.

Why do the leaves not look well on my Hoya?

When they are in shock, the leaf will fall. Like if you give so much cold water. Direct and bright sunlight can burn them. Make sunspots on the leaves. It turns in red and black.
Be sincere about light. It may also be overwatering. They hate over water. Humidity is also under consideration.

Do Hoya Krimson Princesses like to be rootbound?

A little bit of root-bound is not bad. They don’t love so much repotting. They can stay for many years in one pot.
If you see some problem with your Hoya you can repot it and check the root. Sometimes root bound causes problems.

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Final Thoughts

There are many varieties of Hoya Plants. Hoya Krimson Princess is one of the most popular.

These are everything about Hoya Krimson Princess. I hope you’ve learned a little more about Hoya Krimson Princess care. Or maybe you feel more equipped now to bring one into your own home. 

Did I miss anything?

Now I want to hear your opinion. Maybe I didn’t mention some of the points. Let me help to know by leaving comments.

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