Philodendron Brasil Propagation- {2 methods with Steps}

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Do you want to multiply your philodendron brasil for making your garden beautiful? We are here for you with some simple and easy methods by yourself to propagate your lovely philo brasil.

To propagate philodendron brasil you can do either water propagation, soil propagation or division. Among them, water propagation is the easiest and most used. Select a healthy stem, cut it with one or two nodes and place it in water. Wait until new roots come. Then repot your brasil.

If you ever tried them then you know how easy it is. But sometimes you can get confused about which method is the best for propagating your brasil. This discussion is all about various methods for propagating your philodendron Brasil and to inform you about the best method with some tips.

Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron Brasil is a beautiful heartleaf philodendron. It is a very lovable houseplant for its variegated foliage and also for its fast growth rate. It is very easy to care for. You can find the leaves of this beautiful plant in various shades of yellow and green color.

It is a fast-growing indoor plant. That’s why it becomes larger very soon than the pot where placed. Then it needs propagation. Though this plant is a very popular heartleaf philodendron, it is lightly toxic to humans and pets.

This gorgeous houseplant is very easy to grow and requires low maintenance. It needs continuous watering, bright indirect light, and well-drained soil for proper growth. It blooms very rarely when grown as an indoor houseplant.

brasil plant for propagation
Brasil plant for propagation

Philodendron Brasil overview

Botanic namePhilodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’
Common namePhilodendron Brasil, heartleaf philodendron
OriginSouth America
Plant typeVine, perennial
Mature height6-36 in.
Mature width12-36 in.
Leaf colorYellow and green
Flower colorGreen, white
SoilWell-drained, moist, loamy
WaterRegular watering
TemperatureAbove 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit
PropagationWater propagation, soil propagation and division

Why propagation is important?

Propagation is a process of creating new plants from existing ones. It can be done in different ways. If you are a gardening lover then you might be familiar with the term ‘plant propagation’ and you should have the skills of propagating plants. It’s really an important skill that every gardener should have.

If you want your favorite plant to be more in numbers, then propagation is the easiest way to enrich your garden with your favorite plant. Also, propagation helps the plant to avoid some diseases like viruses. It prevents the transmission of viruses.

Sometimes many plants are very rare in nurseries. Propagation is the only way to get them in your garden.

But not every plant is very easy to propagate. Some plants are extremely difficult and some are too much easy. It depends on the nature of the plant. Philodendron brasil propagation is not too difficult.

Philodendron Brasil Propagation

There are three types of propagation for the philodendron Brasil plant. They are water propagation, soil propagation and division. It’s very easy to propagate this plant.

In spite of having many ways to propagate this plant, the easiest way is water propagation. It’s a stem-cutting propagation.

Just take a cutting from the vines and place them in the pot of water and wait until new roots come.

For a detailed discussion about the full propagation procedure, you must read the entire article. Here we will discuss all the propagation methods for the philodendron Brasil plant.

When Brasil Plant Is to Propagate?

Brasil propagation gives the best result when it is done during the growing season. You can get quicker results in the main growing season. The ideal time for propagating the Brasil plants is the summer and spring seasons.

If in some emergency case you have to propagate your beautiful Brasil plant in the winter season, it is also okay, don’t be worried. Just mind that it’s not the best time.

You can occasionally propagate your plant in the cooler season but most of the time you should not do that.

Materials Needed for Propagation

There are some important materials that are needed for propagating philodendron Brasil. These materials are mentioned below-

For propagating philodendron Brasil in water, you’ll need-

  • A sharp knife or scissors
  • A clean and dry space
  • A vase or jar
  • Freshwater
  • And a pot with a minimum of one drainage hole

Use of Sharp Knife to Cut Philodendron Brasil

Firstly, we need a sharp scissor or knife to cut the philodendron Brasil. It should be sharp enough to make a clean cut straight over the stem.

A clean cut is very important. If the knife or scissors can’t make a clean cut, then the main plant can get damaged.

A Clean and Dry Space

You need a clean space for cutting your stem. It should be dry also. Otherwise, it can harm both the mother plant and the cutting.

A Vase or Jar

You also need a vase or jar where you can place your cutting for emerging new roots. It should be a transparent pot so that you can see every change in your cutting.

Fresh Water

The vase is to be full of fresh, clean water. It helps the stem to emerge new roots.

After cutting the stem, it is to be placed into the water for a few weeks. It gets its new roots here and after getting roots it is placed into a new pot.

A New Pot

After the stems get new roots, then it needs a new pot. The pot should have at least one hole for drainage. And also it needs a well-drained soil mix for the new plant.

Where I Should Cut The Stem?

It needs a minimum of one node to go into the water. It’s the place where the new roots come out. So you should make your cuts nearly 1/8” below the root nodes.

Here you can see the point where to cut your stem.

stem cutting point
stem cutting point

How Long You Should Cut Your Stem?

You can cut your stem shorter or longer. Just assure that it has at least one node to grow the new roots in the water. It also depends on the size of your vas or water jar. The cutting should not be very leggy.

Preparing for Propagation

Before starting the propagation, you have to make sure that it has the following points.

Healthy Growth

A philodendron Brasil needs bright, indirect sunlight for its healthy growth. Low-light condition hampers its variegation and it results in leggy growth. That is not appropriate for propagation.

So for getting a healthy plant for propagation, it must survive in bright, indirect light where it grows best.

Mature Plant

For getting the best result from propagation you should be concerned about the maturity of the mother plant. The parent Brasil must be mature and healthy. Only then it can give healthy new brasil plants.

Otherwise, the new plants will be very weak and cannot survive for a long time.

Now you must have the question that how you can recognize a mature brasil plant. I have your answer.

When you find that the plant becomes bigger and the pot size becomes smaller for the plant then you understand that the plant becomes mature. All the parts of the plants seem developed and full-fledged.

Root Bound

When the roots have no space for their nourishment it is termed root bound. This is a good indicator that the plant is perfect for propagation.

Let the plant reach the root-bound condition before propagation. After the root bound the plant needs propagation. They are then fully ready for propagation.

The procedure of Philodendron Brasil Propagation

You can propagate your philodendron Brasil for making more of it. It is very easy to propagate the philodendron Brasil plant. There are many ways to propagate it but the easiest way is water propagation.

Water Propagation

The water propagation procedures are given below:

Gather all the materials that are needed for a Brasil propagation. Then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Find out the nodes

Where a few aerial roots are growing out that is called a node. Here the leaves and vines are attached to each other. This is the place where new roots will grow. So the first step to propagate the philodendron Brasil is finding the nodes.


Step 2: Cut the stem:

Make a cut a few inches long just below a node with at least one or two nodes and leaves. Use clean, sharp scissors or shears to cut the stem.

cutting stem
cutting stem

Step 3: Put the cuttings in the water

Now, put your cutting in a clear glass that is filled with clean water. The bottom node or two nodes should be submerged in water at all times.

Step 4: Keep the glass in a bright area

The next step is to place your glass in a bright place where there is indirect sunlight. Direct sun should be avoided because it does not appreciate that. Now keep it there for four to five weeks.

keeping the glass in bright area
keeping the glass in the bright area

Step 5: Change the water

After a few days if you notice that the water looks cloudy then change it about every week to keep it fresh and clean. After four weeks it starts growing new roots.

Soil Propagation

You can also propagate your brasil plant by soil propagation.

The soil propagation procedures are given below:

Step 1: Find out a healthy stem

First, you have to find out a healthy stem with at least one leaf and one node. It is more difficult to propagate your cuttings with no leaf and with only one node. So take a few inches long stem.

Step 2: Cut the stem

The next step is to cut the stem. It is as same as the water propagation method. Cut your stem just below the node. Use clean and sharp scissors to cut the stem.

Step 3: Stick the cutting into a pot

Now stick your cutting into the soil directly. Before putting it in the soil you can dip the stem into rooting hormones for speeding up the growth. It is actually not a mandatory part.

stick the cutting into pot
stick the cutting into a pot

Step 4: Water the soil

Now it’s time to water the new plants properly. Keep watering the soil thoroughly to keep moisture. It is a very important part of the healthy growth of the plant.


Step 5: Keep the pot in a bright place

Now keep your plant pot in a place where the light is bright and indirect, and the humidity is high. After a few weeks, you can see that new roots have developed.


There is another way to propagate the philodendron Brasil by Division. This is a quicker method and very easy method. If you want a new Brasil plant immediately then this is the best way for you.

The procedures are given below:

Step 1: Identify a mature plant

First, you have to find out a large and mature Brasil plant. A Brasil plant which becomes bigger than the pot it placed is the best mother plant for the division.

Step 2: Remove the plant from the pot:

The next step is to remove your plant from the pot and clean the roots. Identify those pieces which have their own roots.

Step 3: Divide the roots

Now carefully divide the roots into each piece. Be careful when dividing the roots, do not break any roots. But some minor breaks can be ignored.

pieces with own roots
pieces with their own roots

Step 4: Dip the pieces into pots and water the new plants

Now dip every piece in the appropriate-sized pot. It is better to find a smaller pot. Then thoroughly water each new plant. And have some patience to start growing again.

That’s it. These are the full propagation procedures of philodendron Brasil.

Which Propagation Method Should Be Chosen?

Among the three propagation methods, water propagation is the most popular and the easiest propagation. In this method, you can clearly see the progress of the rooting action. So maximum people use this method.

So you can choose water propagation for your philodendron Brasil plant propagation.

Final Thought

The propagation methods of philodendron Brasil are obviously very easy and simple method. They also don’t need many types of equipment. Just following some step-by-step rules you can get your favorite plant in good numbers as you want.

Philodendron brasil is a popular plant for its beautiful heartleaf foliage. It increases the beauty of your house.

You can also plant them in your outdoor garden. And they require very low maintenance. So it is very unsophisticated for you to plant Brasil both indoors and outdoors.

So why getting late? Choose one Brasil and plant them in your house. After becoming mature, propagate them and increase in a good number. Be happy and delightful with your favorite plant. 

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