Alocasia Infernalis care, propagation, leaves problems [All you need to know]

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Alocasia infernalis or black magic alocasia is one of the most attractive alocasia species having dark red foliage with purple venation. 

Alocasia infernalis care includes proper watering, 70°F-80°F temperature, 80% humidity and planting in well-drained soil. In the case of propagation, you can use rhizomes. If there is the further problem of overwatering, pest attack and fertilization issues, you may face yellow leaves or brown leaves.

So, let’s go through the more detailed information needed for properly caring for alocasia infernalis. 

Alocasia infernalis
Alocasia infernalis


Scientific nameAlocasia infernalis
Other namesAlocasia black magic
OriginKalimantan, Indonesia 
Plant height60 cm 
Plant typeTropical perennial plant 
LeafDark black leaves with purple veins 
StemTuberous stem
SunlightBright indirect light
WateringOnce a week
Humidity Around 80%
Temperature 60°F to 80°F

Where to buy alocasia infernalis

Buying alocasia infernalis from your local nurseries may be troublesome or impossible for you as it is a rare plant. So, you may get it by searching online plant shops.

Alocasia infernalis plant care guide

If you are facing trouble looking after your alocasia infernalis plant, here is a detailed guide on those which need your plant most. 

Alocasia infernalis light requirement 

Bright but indirect light- this is the most essential criterion for an alocasia infernalis plant. This plant cannot withstand scorching sunlight which initiates leaf burning and increases the transpiration rate by an excessive proportion. 

Watering guide for alocasia infernalis plant

Water your plant once a week after getting the soil dry. Don’t water much to your plant which may create root rot problems. Too much watering can make the water stand in the root zone which is detrimental to their health.

Best soil for alocasia infernalis

The best soil for alocasia infernalis is sandy loam soil. The soil should be nutrient-enriched and well-drained. Soil should be slightly acidic and moist. Plant health will be demolished if the soil cannot retain moisture and nutrients.

Temperature and humidity

One of the most essential parts of alocasia infernalis is its temperature which should be between 70° to 80°F. On the other hand, the humidity should be 80% or more than that. Black magic alocasia loves high humidity for growing.

Fertilizer for alocasia infernalis plant 

Take a few drops of liquid fertilizers and dilute with 1 gallon of water. Then spray to your plant foliage part or pour near the root zone while watering. Dilute fertilizer doesn’t affect the plants’ activities. But sometimes solid fertilizers directly affect the root zone and make the plant burnt by over-fertilization.

Alocasia infernalis plant propagation 

Do you want to multiply your alocasia infernalis plant in your house? Then, you can easily do this by propagation.

Healthy plant selection

To get a healthy new plant, you should choose a disease-free mother plant.

Healthy infernalis plant
Healthy infernalis plant

Dividing stem

After you have chosen the plant, remove soil from the root and divide the swollen rhizome into some short parts. 

Dividing rhizome
Dividing rhizome

Planting to the new pot

Then simply plant those parts in the prepared soil mixture which is prepared by perlite, coco coir and sandy loam soil.

Prepared pot for propagation
Prepared pot for propagation

How to repot alocasia infernalis? 

Repotting alocasia infernalis plant is a similar procedure to propagating infernalis in soil. 

It is a simple but technical procedure. I am addressing it technically because while uprooting the plant from the old pot, you need to be conscious so that the root system is not damaged. Then, a plant that uprooted seedlings in the new pot and takes care of it so that it can adjust to the new environment. 

Why are my alocasia infernalis leaves turning brown?

Alocasia infernalis plants may turn brown due to overwatering and root rot. If the whole leaf surface gets brown, it happens due to overwatering. But if there are only brown spots on the leaves, be sure of pest attack. You may apply bactericides for pest infestation and repotting for over-watering. 

Why is my alocasia infernalis curling? 

Alocasia infernalis leaves normally get curled if the temperature fluctuation badly affects the plant. Frost attack or low temperature hinders the normal pathway of infernalis food processing. That’s why they cannot properly develop their activities.

Why is my alocasia infernalis got stunted growth?

The main cause of the alocasia growth stunt is frost attack and watering problems. If the plant cannot get enough water, the foods are not produced properly and the growth process is hindered which causes stunted growth.

Alocasia infernalis vs alocasia azlanii

Alocasia azlanii can resemble alocasia infernalis plants in their purple venation and dark black surface. But as you can see there are purple strains on the black surface in alocasia azlanii but alocasia infernalis have no such tint. 

Alocasia azlani
Alocasia azlani

Alocasia infernalis vs alocasia cuprea

Again, alocasia infernalis and alocasia cuprea are also relatable to each other for their dark glossy surface. But alocasia cuprea is not so dark black as infernalis. Again, the surface of cuprea is more glittery than infernalis.

Alocasia cuprea
Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia infernalis vs alocasia black velvet plant

Here comes the alocasia black velvet. Among the alocasia varieties, this plant more reflects the infernalis plant than others. The leaf surfaces of both of these plants are black and smooth. You can identify them by seeing their veins. The veins of infernalis are black but velvet veins are white.

Alocasia black velvet
Alocasia black velvet

Is alocasia black magic and black panther the same?

Yes. The alocasia infernalis plant is commonly known as alocasia black magic whose synonym is alocasia black panther. This name varies due to localities.

Is alocasia infernalis harmful to pets?

Yeah! Alocasia infernalis may create vomiting or unwanted problems in children. Again, they may create toxicity to the cats and dogs. So, keep the pot in a safe place.

Final thoughts 

In the end, I can say that alocasia infernalis or alocasia black magic is a unique plant that can bring an outstanding look to your garden. But for this, you have to maintain different types of caring rules as I suggested before.

Though they can withstand different kinds of nature and climate, they will survive well and their dark strong appearance will remain perfect if you can provide perfect microclimate elements. Thus, you can maintain alocasia infernalis in your garden. 

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