How to make Philodendron Xanadu bushy? [Create your little jungle]

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To make philodendron xanadu bushy you can add extra humidity with sprinkling water around the foliage part. Again prunning the foliages in the above portion of the plant and detopping (trimming at the apical portion of the plant) can make your xanadu bushy.

Many gardeners love the bushy look of a Xanadu plant. As they have long petiolate structures, their dense foliage creates extra attraction for their appearance. Hence, many gardeners try to establish but lose their beautiful plants. That is because of their lack of maintenance in some factors.

To know the maintenance activities properly, you should scroll down to get the information about a bushy Xanadu plant.

Philodendron Xanadu plant

Let’s know about the foliage part of the philodendron Xanadu at first. The elongated leaves are special criteria for their development. To notice the difference between a more bushy plant and a Xanadu plant, you should know the basic information about them.


  • Its scientific name is Thaumatophyllum Xanadu.
  • They remain under the Araceae family.
  • Xanadu is a perennial herbaceous plant. Matured plants are considered shrubs or shrubberies. 
  • The plant height can be up to 4 feet.
  • The leaves are bright green and the veins are visualized. 
  • Leaves are lobed in different parts. The leaf surface is waxy and smooth.
  • The petioles are elongated enough that they grow from the stem nodes.
  • Sometimes aerial roots are seen in Xanadu plants.

The appearance of a bushy Xanadu plant

At this stage, come to the point of a bushy philodendron Xanadu plant. Bushy means overgrowth of the foliage parts than it is found in the normal plant. 

In a more bushy Xanadu plant, more leaves come out from the nodes. The foliage parts become dense as spaces are too short to find the stem part or root zone. When these leaves are grown up, the huge size of a plant is established.

Why can a Xanadu plant be bushy?

Meanwhile, you know about the difference between a normal Xanadu plant and a bushy Xanadu plant. But the question may hit on your mind: why does a Xanadu become bushy?

Simply saying, this is the criteria of their availability of requirements. Normally, when plenty of humidity is present, a Xanadu plant can get proper space from its internal metabolism to be brought up. In addition to that, if humidity is more than they require, they start to produce more nodes in the stems.

These nodes are produced because of the inner circulation of food and other nutrient materials. The growth of excessive nodes gives rise to more leaves. As a result, the whole plant becomes bushy.

How to make Philodendron Xanadu bushy?

Next, we need to know the procedures on how to make Xanadu bushier. You can follow any of these methods to make your plant bushy. Sometimes, natural growth is expanded due to environmental factors. But that is rare. 

The below-mentioned characteristics are more helpful to make a Xanadu plant bushy.

Adding extra humidity 

Every plant has a particular humidity requirement. Like other philodendrons, Xanadu also likes to have a humidity of 50-60%. But in case of providing more humidity, the plant is accelerated to produce more foliage parts.

But how can you add more humidity to the plant?

Firstly, you can sprinkle water around it to improve the humidity around the foliage parts. Secondly, you can use a humidifier in this case. Thirdly, by providing some pebbles you can change the water uptake system a little. That will also be influential in adding more humidity. 


After that, come to the point of pruning. First I would like to clear the term pruning. Pruning is the cutting or shortening of foliage parts. It is done in multipurpose activities. Among them, you can pick the objectives of growing more foliage. 

When you trim your leaves or stems, more plant parts will come out from those places. But you have to cut sequentially. In this case, try to trim down the foliages of the above portions that have a good width.

After trimming, proper care will be needed. Thus, you can get a bushy Xanadu plant from pruning.


Then comes the point of detopping. Detopping is one kind of trimming. This is only done at the apical portion of the plant. The teenage parts of the apical portion are trimmed down at a smaller range. This range can be changed in case of plant size and easy multiplication of leaves. 

Though it is a new term for Xanadu plants., try to use this range at a very small stage. It’s better to increase the humidity level by adding a bushy Xanadu plant.

Foliage growth
Foliage growth

Philodendron xanadu care guide

Sequentially, this is the time to know some caring tips for your Xanadu plant. As you want to increase the foliage production, you should focus on better caring so that the bushy characteristics are established properly.


Xanadu plants need a great amount of sunlight to preserve their foliage colour. The foliage colour is greatly affected in the presence of bright sunlight. You have to provide your plant with bright sunlight that should be indirect.


Temperature requirement ranges from around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is perfect for their all over development. The factor is also helpful for their physiological processes.


Sandy loam soil is preferable for them that may be slightly acidic to neutral. Soil should be moist enough for the root penetration and uptaking of water and nutrients.


A humidity level of 50-60% is enough for their establishment. But the bushier the plant, the more humidity the plant requires. The humidity level should not rise more than that which will be responsible for bacterial and fungal growth.


Watering once or twice a week is enough for a Xanadu plant. By the use of a watering can or hose, you can easily water the plant. But remember, water should not be clogged there.

Final thoughts

Finally, we are at the end of our topic. Xanadu plants are one of the most adorable plants among houseplants. That’s why the growing mechanism of a bushy Xanadu plant is discussed here. 

You can choose any of your preferable matters to grow a Xanadu plant. It will be very amazing for you when you will find a dense plant in your garden made in your hand. So, try this process right now. 

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