Can jade grow in water? [3 Things you should know]

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When someone asks me about the jade growth in water, I assure him about the jade growth in water.

Yeah! Jade can undoubtedly grow in water. They can form their roots and complete their next foliage developmental processes in the water medium. They are supposed to be more frequent in rooting when they are placed in water.

Jade plant 

Jade, also known as the lucky plant has some definite characteristics. To know about their rooting medium, you should first know about their ins and outs.

  • Scientific Name- Crassula ovata 
  • Another name- Lucky plant, money plant
  • Origin- South Africa 
  • Type of plant- Evergreen
  • Family- Crassulaceae
  • Stem- Thick
  • Plant height- Almost 2.5 meters
  • Leaf shape- Obovate, wedge-shaped and fleshy. Length-3-5 cm.
  • Leaf color- Dark green or yellow-green
  • Flower- Small pink or white color

To support this full plant, you need to know the basic morphological appearance. Because the leaf size, stem details etc. are important to know about a plant. They are ideal for making bonsai.

A jade plant
Jade plant

Can jade grow in water? 

Jade can grow in water because of the presence of its different adapting characteristics. They are hardy which makes them survive in any kind of medium or region.

People grow jade both in hanging baskets and watering jars. The rooting is sometimes extra beneficial for using a water medium. 

You may provide a different look to your room corner by placing a jade plant that is placed in water. You have to follow some instructions but those are not too tough to maintain.

Surely, the overall specialties of the jade growth in water medium will ensure you that jade grows perfectly in water too.

The physiological processes of jade in water

The comfortable plant, how can it grow in water? This question may hit many of you. But the fact is because of their hygroscopic structure, they easily maintain all kinds of physiological activities smoothly in a water medium also. 

In the case of a water medium, the cutting that is placed for root initiation starts to secret mucilaginous substances. As a result, the plant part that becomes damaged in excess water in the soil shows vigorous growth in the water medium.

As the starting of their life occurs in water, they accommodate their whole life cycle according to water survival. The transpiration process is also modified to help oxygen circulation.

All over management is reprocessed in jade when they need to grow in water. 

Materials needed to grow jade in water

Jade can have its absolute growth in water when it is pampered properly. Well, this pampering means performing the activities perfect for the plant’s growth in water. 

Some materials are needed for jade growth in water. Let’s be acquainted with those-

Clean Jar

A clean jar is the main material needed for jade growth. You should wipe properly before propagation. The glass jar is best in this case. Plastic jars may react with the ions or minerals of water that will be poisonous for the cutting.


Clean Water

Water should be clean and disease-free for this purpose. One most important thing is this water should be changed at a regular interval because sometimes, despite taking clean water, it may be polluted because of unwanted materials.

Scissors or knife

A pair of scissors or a sharp knife is needed for the cutting. This should be sterilized earlier.

Jade propagation in water 

I want to show all the growing procedures or propagation of jade pothos in water so that you can easily continue the mechanism.

Have a look at the propagation system of jade in water.

Step 1- Selection of mother plant 

A healthy mother plant is a precursor for the best growth of a plant. The plant you are using to have the cutting should be viable and shining. Any kinds of spots should not be present there.

The best time for propagation is in the afternoon. Otherwise, the transpiration rate will be high if propagation is done in the late morning or at other times. 

Step 2- Cutting

Cutting should be done using a sharp knife. Blunt knives may occur wounds in both the new cutting and the existing mother plant that will initiate disease appearances.

Cutting of jade stem
Cutting of jade stem

Step 3- Placing in the Jar

Place the cutting in the glass jar so that at least one-inch portion of the cut remains under the water. Any leaf that may stay under the water should be removed.

Placing in the jar
Placing in the jar

Place the jar near the window so that it can get bright and indirect light. Change the water if needed and be alert to the health of that cutting.

Step 4- Root sprouting 

Around 2-3 weeks may be needed for roots to form. New adventitious roots will be sprouted from there.

Root sprouting
Root sprouting

Activities after rooting in water

This process depends actually on your mood. You can pick up your recently emerged plant to plant the soil medium or you can use water for its further establishment. This is also a form of jade pothos survival mechanism in water.

Transplantation in soil

Generally, gardeners complete the propagation process in the soil in hanging baskets. Soil medium is better for the vigorous growth of the plant as nutrient-rich soil provides fertilizer requirements for the problem.

Transplantation in soil of jade plant
Transplantation in soil of jade plant

But before transplantation, you should be conscious enough because the change of medium may hamper the new baby plant as it has not earned its all over hardiness at that moment.

You should allow the plant to survive with a new medium slowly. It will grow on the soil medium easily.

Permanent establishment in water

The second method is to spare your plant in the water medium permanently. This is normally considered an exception. But if you are interested in placing something new in your room, this will certainly be the best plant.

In this case, you have nothing more to do. Let your plant establish its root system and expand its foliage in the water. Taking proper care of it will surprise you every day with its beauty.

Is growing in water beneficial for jade?

Growing in water is beneficial for the root initiation of jade. Jade prefers to grow their roots more quickly in watered conditions than in the soil phases.

But the later foliage development is encouraged in the soil medium more than that in the water medium. As nutrients are provided more accurately by the soil. The physiological activities also get more privileges in this system.

Failure of rooting in water

An unwanted occurrence such as rooting failure in water normally does not happen. Around 99% rooting success can be shown as the consensus. If you can provide absolute necessities, rooting can be ensured. 

But there are still some aspects that can cause failure in rooting. 

  • Selection of morbid and diseased plants.
  • Propagating in the time when sunlight is excessive.
  • Disease attack.
  • Absence of proper care. 

You can have ideas about this term from the mentioned content-

Final thoughts 

A plant-like jade is always favorable to all. Again if this is in the water medium, then it becomes something special for a houseplant-lover. Apart from hanging baskets, jade can fulfill water-based ornamental purposes too.

The Jade plant has all those adaptation mechanisms that it needs to grow in water. Complete the procedures properly and make your world with the dark green fascination of jade.

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