Why is my Philodendron Brasil Reverting? Solved!!

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Are the variegated colors of your philodendron brasil leaves disappearing? 

Variegated yellow color of philodendron brasil is the main attraction of the plant. Reverting of philo brasil expresses the annihilation of the elegant golden stripes or colors on the green surface of the leaves. They turn into dark green colors and sometimes become smaller in size. The brasil plant converts into just a common philodendron plant.

If you are going through the same problem or want to know more about it to be conscious earlier, then search for your solution from this article.

Philodendron Brasil Plant
Philodendron Brasil Plant

Philodendron brasil leaves

A pretty gentle green-colored philodendron brasil leaf is always so adorable. Besides, the golden stripes on the green surface add an extra value that can enlighten your entire house. 

Yeah! This is the philodendron brasil leaf. The heart-shaped leaves express a soothing beauty that is enough for creating a peaceful day when you look at them in the morning. 

The shiny surface of philodendron brasil leaves always creates a smooth feeling. You will see that each leaf is glittering. The brightness is multiplied when sunlight falls on them and they seem to be reflecting the sun’s rays.

Philodendron brasil leaf
Philodendron brasil leaves

What is philodendron brasil reverting?

Meanwhile, you have gotten the idea of a philodendron brasil leaf. But what is philodendron brasil reverting? 

Particularly saying, this term indicates the loss of variegation that a philodendron brasil leaf possesses. The aristocratic golden color disappears and the whole plant turns into a common philodendron. The leaves become dark green.

Philodendron brasil normal leaf vs reverted leaf
Philodendron brasil normal leaf vs reverted leaf

In this state, it doesn’t hold an outlook of philodendron brasil leaf. It remains just a non-variegated heart-shaped philodendron plant.   

How do I understand that my philodendron brasil is reverting?

This question is very much common to houseplants lovers. A plant can lose its variegation or any kind of expression because of some reason. But what is the matter that can ensure the reverting? 

Well, this is a fact that can you can understand easily. If your plant is stressed so much, different kinds of symptoms will be shown. You may see the yellowing of whole leaves or spots in the leaves.

But when it is reverting, the plant won’t show any symptoms that it is stressed. It will just stop exhibiting the delightful golden stripes. The surface will remain smooth but it may not be shiny.

Basically, the pigments that are responsible for creating variegation is devastated due to some unwanted reason. They cannot complete their activities properly. That’s why the leaves also can’t show different yellowish colors except for dark green.

Additional appearance that is seen with reverting

Is there any more indication of reverting? Of course, I can mention one more thing. But at first, I want to say that this is not constant. Sometimes it may be seen. 

The factor is ‘leaf size’. In some cases, you may notice that the foliage part is narrowing or shortening than the normal size. 

You need to be assured of some matters in this case. The short leaves may grow naturally too. If the short leaves are at the apex, then it is the natural growth of the tender leaves. They will be enlarged gradually. You need not be worried about them.

But if the leaves of the rest of the plants are also shortened with losing of yellow stripes, then it indicates reverting of philodendron brasil leaves.

Reverted colors

Now the turn is of colors. Do you think dark green is the only color that will be happened because of reverting?

This is true. The philodendron brasil leaves revert to only dark green colors. The changeability of colors can be of different types.

Philodendron brasil reverted leaf
Philodendron brasil reverted leaf

You may see yellow, brown etc. colors in your plant. But this is not reverting. These colors are formed because of other problems in plants. But the reverted color is normally dark green.

Causes of philodendron brasil reverting 

Whoo! We have gone through a lot of things that are related to philodendron brasil reverting. But the main factor is the causes that are responsible for this reverting.

If you don’t know about the causes of this reverting, you can’t save the beauty and even not your plant from dying. 

So, let’s discuss them.


Sunlight, one of the most crucial factors for plants’ growth, should be maintained properly to protect the plant from any kind of unwanted happenings.

Naturally, philodendron brasil leaves need bright light. This is the main requirement of a philodendron brasil plant and its absence disturbs the coloring pigments of the brasil plant. 

When the sunlight is too scorching, the UV rays penetrate the leaves and destroy the life circulating mechanisms. Again, in absence of proper sunlight, the plant cannot get a perfect environment for food production. 

This leads to philodendron brasil reverting.


Choose a perfect place for the plant in which it can get bright sunlight. Keep it there and take effective measures so that the late morning heat cannot disturb its mechanism. 


18-30°C temperature is optimum for a philodendron brasil plant. At this temperature, they can get a perfect environment for their food production and other growing elements.

If the temperature is too high, the transpiration rate increases leading to the suffering of the leaves when they try to complete their cycle. As a result, the shiny bright leaves lose their golden color.

Too low temperature initiates frost attack them by which the root system is disturbed and this affects the leaf system.


Though philodendron brasil plants need less care than many other houseplants, they need the minimum amount of elements for their establishment. 

So try to keep the optimum temperature mentioned earlier around their surroundings. Create such an environment so that the outside temperature cannot affect them.

Watering procedure

Watering can create hazards if the plant is overwatered or underwatered. Simply, the plant cannot produce adequate food for them if they don’t get a moderate amount of water.

Again, the roots of the plant will be rot in case of overwatering. So if the plant cannot complete its procedures properly, how it can show different colors on foliage.


Watering once a week is enough for the philodendron brasil plant. But be sure that the soil is not dry. 

Not only the uppermost side but also the subsoil should also be dried while watering so that excess water cannot create any water stagnation.  

Natural occurrence

Natural occurrence means the natural variegation loss of the plant. It may also happen that despite providing all the factors properly the plant may lose variegation. 

This is not important how much care is taken by you. But unfortunately, you can’t stop the natural incident. 

One more factor can also happen and that is the young leaves. The tender leaves that have emerged recently won’t show any variegation. Day by day, when it will be matured, it will express its inner beauty.

Will reverted leaves again show variegation? 

It is not easy. Sometimes it is impossible. Reverting is one kind of indication of the plant’s inner problem. Though other phenomena are not seen, the causes of reverting can be harmful further to the plant’s development. 

Once the color-producing pigments are damaged, they are hard to be recovered. If they are not recovered, the variegated colors won’t be seen.

So ultimately the reverted leaves may not show variegation again though in some cases, it may be possible.

How can I permanently stop this reverting? 

If you want to permanently stop the reverting, you have to maintain the requirements of the plants. Philodendron brasil plants are easily maintained plants. They don’t need extra care, even not a routine of caring.

Just the work you have to do is to notice their growth and all-over appearance consciously. If something wrong is noticed, just take measures to sort them out. You will be successful to protect the pretty colors of your brasil plant.

Final thoughts

A plant that you bring home is definitely a source of your peace and expression of your love for that plant. Again, it may also be a point of your enjoyment if you are collecting all kinds of plants.

From this point of view, philodendron brasil reverting is a disappointing matter. If you want to avoid this matter, you should notice each term of your plant’s movement. 

Hopefully, you will get rid of this problem and won’t face it again. Happy gardening!


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