Why is My Philodendron Birkin Reverting? [Solutions & Causes]

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Are you worried about your philodendron Birkin reverting? 

Many people bring fascinating philodendron Birkin plants into their houses for their eye-catching variegation.

But a huge number of them cannot protect the variegated color. If you are in the same condition, then, I think this article will reflect your problem and will take you closer to the solution.

Philodendron Birkin reverting is a common problem of losing its variegation because of environmental mismanagement that is needed for the completion of their life cycle. Turning the leaves into totally dark green is disappointing when you are enchanted with its whitish beauty.

So, don’t lose hope and find your answer in the below description.

Philodendron Birkin

Are you interested in the philodendron Birkin plant? Then I am directing you to some common factors of a philodendron Birkin plant. 

The characteristics are mentioned here-

  • Origin- It is a hybrid variety originating from South American Rainforests.
  • Other names- Philodendron white wave.
  • Family- Araceae.
  • Plant type- Sturdy and simple houseplant.
  • Plant height- 80-120 cm.
  • Flower- Flowering is rare or has not occurred.
  • Stem- Trailing vines.
  • Leaf- Scroll below to know about it.
Philodendron birkin plant
Philodendron birkin plant

Philodendron Birkin leaf color

We are talking about philodendron Birkin reverting, right? 

So it’s important to know about the actual form of the philodendron Birkin leaf.

It’s nothing about just color. We will also know about the ins and outs of the leaf. Maybe this knowledge will help us to proceed toward reverting mechanisms. 

Well, if we want to focus on the outlook of the leaf, the leaf color is the first fact that will attract our eyes.

Philodendron Birkin leaves have soft whitish stripes. You may find off-white or creamy colors on the greenish surface.

Philodendron birkin leaf
Philodendron birkin leaf

This green color may turn gentle yellow to moderately dark yellow when they are fully matured.

But the white stripes on the green surface are very impressive. 

Now, come to the point of leaf shape. The leaves are almost 20cm long with an oval shape. The leaf tips are pointed.

Sometimes, a little waviness may be seen near the tip of the leaf.

What is philodendron Birkin reverting? 

Philodendron Birkin reverting is a common term for those who have Birkin plants in their house.

If genetically expressed, reverting is a natural mutation process of the philodendron Birkin plant.

In a general sense, reverting can be defined as the losing variegation of a plant.

That means Birkin leaves can be turned completely green changing their whitish or greenish stripes.

This color-changing process is natural that is caused inside the plant because of some deviations. 

It may be reverted to the Philodendron Rojo Congo which is supposed to be their forefather.

Again, this color may also be changed into some other colors which seem to other plants.

The actual phenomenon is the changing of the leaf color that is established as reverting. 

Philodendron Birkin reverting mechanism

Philodendron Birkin is the color-changing procedure of the plant which goes back to their so-called ancestor Rojo Congo. 

But how does this color change every time? 

Basically, this is the pigment mechanism of the tree that is happening inside it. The different colors of the leaf, stem, flower etc. are always dependable on some pigments like chlorophyll, xanthophyll etc.

When natural issues occur, these pigments may change their color because of the mismanagement of the required things that they need to produce the perfect color.

At that time, the pigments cannot exhibit their color entirely. As a result, philodendron Birkin starts reverting and it is seen in their leaves.

Reverted colors

We can find many causes of philodendron Birkin reverting. But do they always revert to green color? 

The answer is a big “NO”.

Yeah! Certainly, they are often reverted to the green color. Philodendron Birkin plants are supposed to have emerged from dark green leafed Philodendron Rojo Congo. So their back to dark green color is the most common occurrence. But it is not a universal truth.

You may get the plant reverted to yellow or some other colors that resemble any other plant.

But reverting to another color is rare.

Reverted green leaf of Philodendron birkin
Reverted green leaf of Philodendron birkin

How many days are needed for being completely reverted? 

This question may arise in your mind when you have gotten a lot of information about reverting.

As I said earlier, reverting is not an incident of one day. Long-time negligence is responsible for it.

A philodendron Birkin plant may survive on hard days but they lose their variegated color easily.

If you don’t take measures to provide perfect sunlight for your Birkin plant, it will lose its colors in around 1 month or some more time.

Causes of reverting 

Now, we need to know about the causes which are responsible for this reverting. The reverting process is not done in a day.

It is a lengthy process in which you may lose the variegated form of your plant as well as the plant may die.

So let’s know the causes of philodendron Birkin reverting. 

Lack of sunlight

The first and foremost reason for philodendron Birkin reverting is the lack of sunlight.

It’s difficult to provide 100% perfect sunlight for Birkin plants. They need a bright light derived from the sun.


Keep your philodendron Birkin plant in such a place where it can get the early morning light. 

Avoid the direct sunlight of the early afternoon falling on the leaves.

The sunshine should not directly fall on Birkin plants. But it should not be gloomy.

The window side is the best place for their foliage nourishment.


Here comes the other reason for philodendron Birkin reverting and that is underwatering.

Water is one of the most essential elements of the philodendron Birkin plant. 

If the plant doesn’t get proper water, it loses its whitish stripes and becomes dark green as another plant appears. 


Always try to water your philodendron Birkin plant when the upper surface of the potting soil is dried. Watering is needed once a week.

Pinching inside the soil, you can get the idea of whether the soil is submerged in water or not.

Allow these indications to affect watering. Use a perfect watering instrument for better implementation. 

Temperature fluctuation 

A philodendron Birkin plant cannot tolerate excessive fluctuation of temperature. 

If they get too much or too little temperature, they cannot cope with the situation. That’s why the inner metabolism faces hazardous conditions.

The color-producing steps are not fully completed and it leads to reverting.


55.5-86°F temperature is best for philodendron Birkin plants. 

Try not to reach the temperature below or above the mentioned.

Humidity level

Philodendron Birkin plants are not easily suitable in high humid areas.

They feel too exhausted to complete their life cycle and get worried about their variegated look.


Keep the humidity level between 40-70% to provide the best condition for your Birkin plant so that the reverting is stopped.

You may use a humidifier in this case.

Lack of nutrient 

It is a normal sense that if a plant cannot get its proper nutrition, it is tough to maintain its beautiful color combination.

Philodendron Birkin plants don’t require many nutrients. But they need to have some fertilizers to grow and develop.


Use fertilizers once 2-4 weeks in summer. Slow-releasing liquid fertilizers will be best in this respect.

Is reverting harmful for the plant?

Reverting is not harmful to a philodendron Birkin plant. 

But it is an indication that something is imbalanced inside the plant and it isn’t getting its whole requirements absolutely. 

Final thoughts 

Philodendron Birkin reverting is always unpleasant if you cannot handle the situation. 

To stop the philodendron Birkin reverting, your consciousness is the most important demand.

The plant may go through without its required things for days after days, but it won’t serve your room by spreading a variegated beauty.

You can’t always get a philodendron Birkin plant in your locality. It is one of the rarest varieties of the philodendron family. 

So, take care of your plant and enjoy a beautifully decorated room furnished with a philodendron Birkin plant after a stressful day.


1. Can the reverted plant get back its variegation?

-It will be hard and sometimes almost impossible to stop the reverting and get back the creamy layer on the leaf surface.

2. Which areas are more susceptible to reverting?

-The temperate regions are to be mentioned in this case. In that environment, the heat produced from sunlight is scorching, which is harmful to this plant.

3. Do Birkin reverting and curling takes place together?

-Philodendron Birkin reverting and curling doesn’t always take place together.

But if the plant is in a hazardous situation like underwatering, pest attack etc, these both symptoms may be seen together.

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