Philodendron brasil light requirement – [Detailed Guide]

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Is your philodendron brasil plant reverting? Or, the growth of the brasil plant is stunted?

Philodendron Brasil plants need a moderate amount of light for their growth and establishment. The brightest but indirect light is necessary for their foliage development. On the other hand, they need bright light to survive perfectly though they can go through shady places or a minimum amount of light.

People face problems protecting the variegated light green or golden stripes of the brasil plant when they cannot provide enough light to their plants. Again, the symptoms of the problems of sunlight resemble other problems. Hence, this problem is ignored much.

Philodendron Brasil Plant
Philodendron Brasil Plant

The plant under the Araceae family is astonishing because of its alluring foliage color. But to stop reverting those colors, you need to take some effective measures. Let’s talk about them to know the philodendron brasil plants’ light requirement properly.

Light requirements for different stages

As we discussed earlier, philodendron brasil plants need accurate light for their all-over improvement. Because of their variegated leaves, sunlight plays a significant role in their foliage. But, different light conditions can make different kinds of benefits to them. Like, the requirement of protecting variegation demands more than the survival condition.  

To assure those facilities, you should go through the points to get the absolute answers mentioned below.


In the first point, we will focus on their survival mechanism. Minimum light is enough for the survival of a philodendron brasil plant. Because it can live in a partially shady place. The presence of light can make them competent to continue the food processing steps. As a result, they can stand properly but may not be fully healthy.

But all the internal mechanisms may not be properly conducted in the mild light. Such as, transpiration and respiration processes face problems when the light condition is not so stable. The hormonal effects are also hampered and they cannot use the nutrients completely.

Mild light for survival
Mild light for survival

In a nutshell, because of their hardy characteristics, they can live in mild light or partially shady conditions. 

Growth and development 

Further, we can talk about the light requirements for their growth and development. You know that brasil plants can live in semi-light conditions. But this condition is not suitable for their growth. The growth hormones are interrupted badly when the light is not bright. That’s why they need a medium to bright indirect light for their perfect development.

Medium light for growth
Medium-light for growth

The growth hormones are triggered with the help of light. The bright light helps to improve the soil condition. Again, the nutrient molecules can be absorbed better in a comfortable light condition. Besides, the excretion process of the plant is also easily done.

For these reasons, you have to provide a bright to medium light for the improvement of your philodendron brasil plant.

Why is my Philodendron Brasil Reverting?


Furthermore, the topic that you need to know is the light requirement for variegation.  Bright light is perfect in this case. The most attractive part of a philodendron brasil plant is the foliage part. As it has a great combination of bright and light green, it is tough to maintain that. Otherwise, it will be reverted to a normal philodendron plant.

Bright light for variegation
Bright light for variegation

Meanwhile, you have known the light requirement for their survival and growth. But the variegation needs more bright light to keep their color combination perfect. The colors shown in their leaves are the results of different pigments. Whenever the brightest light falls on them, the activities of those pigments are accelerated. Consequently, they can exhibit beautiful variegation.

About 4 to 6 hours of direct light penetration to their foliage is important for their pretty leaves. But be alert to the light intensity as the excessive scorching light is devastating for them.

The factor is that highly bright light with a partial shade that provides indirect light is needed for their variegation purpose. 

Problems in mild light

Well, you may have questions in mind what are the problems created for mild light? Let me answer those.

Yellowing of leaves

The yellowing of leaves is caused because of their short-range light. The nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium, calcium etc. become insufficient in case of the low amount of sunlight. The color pigments are destroyed and the vascular bundle system cannot run properly. Yellowing of the whole leaves is quite problematic that may lead to the plant’s death.

Disease growth

Insufficient sunlight creates a damping condition in the root zone. For this reason, the viruses, bacteria and fungi growth are encouraged at a high range. Brown spots in the leaves, curly and fragile leaves etc. are the symptoms of this problem.

Root rot

The bad microclimate in the root zone makes the roots unhealthy. The roots cannot be established properly. Besides, the water-clogged condition is created as the water supply is not properly taken by the plant. This may lead to the root rot problem of the plant.

Problems in excessive light

Along with the mild light, excessive light also creates problems for the brasil plant. This portion is kind of similar to the problems related to mild light for instance yellowing of leaves, disease attack etc. But some more problems are created when the plant goes through imperfectly bright light.

The fragile margin of leaves

The leaves lose their turgidity when they face excessive light conditions. The extra heat of sunlight produces much more temperature. Then, the cell sap becomes dried and the leaves become fragile and curly. 

Problems in the climbing vine

Almost all the philodendron plants are climbing vines. Philodendron Brasil is not except for that. The brasil plants also lose their climbing capacity as the stems are not strong enough to hold the staking. The stems become slender and the plant looks unhealthy.

How to provide perfect light to Philodendron Brasil

Finally, we are at the solution part of our problem. It is an easy procedure or steps that won’t take much time for you. But it will save your Philodendron Brasil plant from suffering light-related problems.

  • Provide the early morning light for your plant. This light is not deteriorating. Keep your plant near the window.
  • The mid-noon sunlight includes a high temperature. To avoid this, use a curtain so that the plant gets bright light but at a perfect range.
  • The afternoon light is also preferable. This will provide a semi semi-shady condition that is important for the light green color of the plant.
  • Try to choose such a point from where the light is adjusted to all of the parts of the plant.
  • Artificial light can be a solution for so dark places.
  • Rotate the pot so that all parts of the plant get equal light.

Have more ideas on this topic visually.

Final thoughts

We are at the time of wrapping up. The philodendron brasil plant light requirement doesn’t need many types of equipment but needs intense care. If your plants start to revert because of not getting enough light, it will be tough for you to get back the color while taking great care. 

Following this problem, we have discussed the ins and outs of the light requirement problems and their solution. The confusion that you may have probably fulfilled properly. Checking this, apply the activities to your brasil plant right now.

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