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What if you face a stressful situation of your Philodendron Brasil leaves turning yellow? The gentle green lovely color of leaves is always enamoring to everyone. But overwatering, underwatering, nutrient deficiency or fungal attack can make these plants yellow.

Philodendron Brasil plants are gorgeous members of the Araceae family. They are used as houseplants in hanging baskets or pots to enhance the beauty of the living room. 

It is more demandable to everyone for its foliage. The heart-shaped Brasil leaves are always supposed to be a sign of charm. 

If you are in a problem with this foliage queen, then you are just a little step far from the solution. Go through this article to have the overall ideas of Philodendron Brasil Leaves Turning Yellow.

Philodendron brasil leaves
Philodendron brasil leaves

Genuine Leaf vs Yellow Leaf

Philodendron Brasil Plant leaves are normally gentle green in color and golden stripes are seen on the green portions. The veins are seen clearly and leaf blades are smooth.

The yellow leaves of Philodendron Brasil normally lose the gentle green inheritance and possess a pale yellow look with wilted leaf lamina.

Philodendron brasil normal leaf
Philodendron Brasil plant leaf
Philodendron yellow leaves
ilodendron Brasil yellow leaf

How Can You Understand That Plants are Turning Yellow? 

When a Philodendron Brasil plant is facing an alarming situation, it will start to expose different symptoms. The yellow leaves are the most common of them. 

Normally the Philodendron Brasil plants exhibit a glassy green color with golden stripes. But you may have some differences in your leaves that will lead you to understand that your plant leaves are turning yellow from golden beauty.

Let’s check them from below-

Fading golden color

The dark golden color of Brasil leaf will start to fade. It will lose its superiority and become pale.

Leaves curling

The leaves may become curly sometimes. The margins and shapes of leaves may be changed.

Leaves lose their thicky mode

The leaves will start wilting. The leaves may become very soft. The exact thickness that a Philodendron Brasil plant should have will be lost.

The waxy substances are missing

Philodendron Brasil plant leaves have a smooth waxy layer on them. But when the leaves start yellowing, the waxy layer starts to decay.

Vines are imbalanced 

Philodendron Brasil plant leaves exhibit an extra aristocracy in their vines. But yellow leaves don’t include such nice vines. They are disrupted and narrow

All over plant base looks sleazy

When you touch a Philodendron Brasil plant leaf, you will feel a sleek touch that is firmed at the same time. But the leaf which is becoming yellow will be rough in base and slender in size.

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Causes of Philodendron Brasil Leaves Turning Yellow

There are several causes for which Philodendron Brasil leaves turn yellow. I will describe below all the possible causes with solutions.


Are you conscious of watering your Philodendron Brasil plant?

The philodendron Brasil plant is such a kind of plant that can not tolerate much water. It needs a situation of low humidity. 

When you water more to this plant, the squishy leaves start to become yellow as it affects photosynthesis. 

The excessive water blocks the roots from taking sufficient air for the mechanism. The extreme level humid soil clogs up the pores of the root and the overall process of genetic fundamentals faces a hazardous situation which is expressed by the yellowing of leaves.


To avoid yellowing leaves because of this reason, you should definitely check the soil condition and humidity and then you should go for watering.


Leaf yellowing may also be a symptom of underwatering. 

A moderate amount of water is always needed to carry on every cycle of a Brasil plant. If it doesn’t get that perfect watering it wilts and yellowing problems happen.


Naturally, the top 50-75% portion of the soil should be dry when it needs watering. Observing the soil moisture, you should go for watering. 

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Deficiency of nutrients 

Nutrients may be considered as food to plant. So it must be ensured that your plant is getting proper nutrients. 

Nutrients are added to the plant by fertilizers. 

Without that, they can not express their beauty though they may not die. 

This will be a barrier for them if you neglect the fertilizing sector and this will turn the leaves yellow destroying the plant’s health.


Philodendron Brasil plants need fertilizers once a month in the form of liquid or diluted compositions. In the summer and season, it is very much useful for plants.

If you want to maintain the supremacy of Brasil plants, you need to provide perfect fertilizers at the time they needed.

Poor light condition 

A Philodendron Brasil plant is very much beloved by bright sunlight. Bright but not direct. This is a significant precaution.

If you fail to supply such kind of light environment to your plant, it will turn its leaves yellow.

A shady place is not comfortable for the proper growth of the Philodendron Brasil plant. It can not expand its stem and vascular system when the shady place is offered to it. 


As it is a houseplant, it won’t tolerate the scorching heat of the afternoon. You may place it for sunlight or other light source in the early morning or late afternoon when the sunrays are not harmful.

The temperature should be around 55 degrees Fahrenheit in this case to avoid problems of a Brasil plant.

Deficiency of drainage

Drainage is supposed to be one of the mandatory curricula for the Philodendron Brasil plant.

The negligence in drainage properties will keep the plant stuck in a wet state that will term to yellowing of leaves.


As it can not survive in excessive water, you should keep its root in a favorable condition.

Risk to the plant

Root problem 

You may think that the yellowing of leaves is just suppressing the plant’s beauty, but consequently, it is the indication of major problems occurring inside the plant. 

When yellow leaves are seen, be sure that your plant is having hard days. The root system is going to be damaged forever if you are not concerned about it. 

The roots are normally rotten and become imbalanced to take exact properties for making the plant alive. If the roots die once, you may not be able to recover your plant.

Root rot problem of philodendron brasil
Philodendron brasil root rot

Disease affect

Sometimes Brasil’s plant leaves yellowing refer serious diseases. The factor is that, when the root portion of the plant parts are in a very much wet condition, it becomes susceptible to plant pathogens, other nematodes and so on.

Diseased philodendron brasil plant
Diseased philodendron brasil plant

Yellow leaves, sometimes brown spots as well indicate that the plant is genetically imbalanced inward and the xylem and phloems are not getting appropriate situations to complete their activities. 

Solution of Philodendron Brasil leaves turning yellow 

Removing Yellow Leaves

If you want to save your Philodendron Brasil plant, one of your major duties is to remove those yellow leaves.

The leaves that have become yellow, may be of various reasons that we have known already. If it is for a fungal or virus attack, you may reduce the spreading of fungus by removing the parts.

If it is for underwatering, the excess yellow leaves won’t use extra food and you may save your plant easily by providing water.

The yellow leaves won’t use more nutrients and if any of the leaves remain under the yellow leaves, they will get proper sunlight removing yellow leaves.

Decreasing Humidity 

Decreasing humidity indicates avoiding overwatering. One of the major problems of yellowing leaves is overwatering. So firstly check properly how much water your plant needs.

Sometimes, the soil surface remains dry due to sunlight but the inner portion of the pot remains wet. By pinching your finger to the pot, you can see the actual humidity level and then water as needed.

You may check the humidity level by humidity checker to be sure of watering.

Stop watering frequently to save your Philodendron Brasil plant.


Repotting may be another solution for you. If the roots are stubby or root knots are badly damaged, you should go for repotting. 

Brasil Repotting
Brasil Repotting

Pulling up from the previous pot

Avoid the previous one in which the plant was kept.

Taking new pot

Take a new pot and fill it up with proper soil and nutrient measuring. 

Soil proportion 

The soil should be sandy loam. It should not be very coarse or very fine. Perlite, soil, coir, peat moss- these four components should be mixed at the proportion of 1:1:1:1

Complete planting

Then complete your planting by spreading half of the mixture in the pot and planting in that. The rest of the mixture will be given after planting to fill up the pot.

Proper care

Take absolute care to your plant to be free from the problems

Using Fungicides

Plants can also be yellow because of fungus. So if you get brown strips on plants or such other problems use a fungicide.

You can use industrial fungicides or homemade fungicides to protect your plant. Neem oil can be your homemade fungicide.

Final words

Philodendron Brasil Leaves Turning Yellow is a common problem of many house plant lovers. You need not be worried because of this if you know the correct problem and solution for your plant. 

You have to be concerned about your plant problems and care. As this plant doesn’t need much care, you need not be engaged more. Spend a little time with your plant and get the beauty of your home.

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