Difference between Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess [Identify correctly]

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The main difference between Hoya Krimson queen and Princess is, Krimson Princess has creamy leaves with a green margin and Krimson Queen has green leaves with a white margin. Also, Krimson Princess is slower growing with a pinkish stem and reddish-pink flower, whereas the Krimson Queen is faster growing with a brownish stem and light pink flower.

They have some similarities also. The quantity of similarities is more than differences. That’s why people are becoming confused. In the last part, we will talk about it.

After reading this you will easily identify the Hoya Krimson Princess and Hoya Krimson Queen. Be with us.

Why does identification matter?

Botanical curiosity is the reason for finding the identity of the plants. Though Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess have many similarities, they have distinct differences.

Important differences are given below which make them easy to identify these two plants.

Krimson Queen vs Princess

ObjectsHoya Krimson PrincessHoya Krimson Queen
LeavesCreamy leaves with a green marginGreen leaves with white margin
FlowerReddish pinkPink
WaterAverageMore water than Princess

Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Krimson Queen is also known as Hoya variegata. It is also called Hoya Tricolor. This is a variegated variant of the Hoya Carnosa.

The leaves of the Hoya Krimson Queen are either pink or white to creamy white color around the leaf edges. The color of new leaves is often bright pink and some of the leaves can end up entirely white.

Hoya Krimson Queen requires bright filtered light or indirect light for well growth.

Hoya Krimson Queen
Hoya Krimson Queen

East-facing window is a better place for growing Hoya Krimson Queen. It needs temperature between 61F and 95F; water 1-3 times a week and humidity at 70-80%, for the best results.

It should be fertilized once a month in spring and summer using an organic fertilizer.

Hoya Krimson Queens are popular for their waxy leaves and their beautiful star-shaped cluster of scented flowers. They are very easy to grow and require less maintenance.

Hoya Krimson Princess

Hoya Krimson Princess is a very popular variegated variant of Hoya carnosa.

It has thick, lanceolate leaves which are adorned with creamy yellow to white variegation in the leaf centers. The vines and new leaves of the Hoya Krimson princess often emerge a bright pink. You can read our complete guide on Hoya Krimson Princess care and propagation.

This is a long-growing plant and it has winding vines. It is an ideal choice for a trellis or hanging planter.

This plant is perfect for bright, indirect light. It needs watering when the top 1~2” of soil feels dry to the touch.

Hoya Krimson Princess
Hoya Krimson Princess

Using well-draining soil and selecting a planter with drainage is required for the better growth of Hoya Krimson princess.

This plant is pet-friendly.

The vines of the plant change color according to the light they receive. Turning pink is a way of showing that this plant is receiving perfect light. 

This plant is best for a 7” pot with drainage.

Differences between krimson queen and princess

Leaf shape, color and textures are the main differences between hoya krimson queen and princess. Also, we notice some differences in height and structures as well as the stem. Let’s explore the differences in detail.

Leaves Difference

Both plants are attractive for their beautiful leaves. There are some differences between their leaves that apart them from each other. Their leaves always make them a beautiful house plant.


The leaves of Hoya Krimson Queen are thin and cordate-shaped. It can grow up to 5cm long.

On the other side, Krimson princess leaves are much thicker in appearance that can grow around 3-4 cm long.

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen leaves
Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Leaves


Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ has waxy, succulent leaves and a slightly smooth leaf surface.

Whereas Krimson Princess leaves are waxier and a little bit smoother than Krimson queen.


Krimson queen typically has leaves with three colors- pink, creamy-white and green variegation.  Most leaves are green with white or pink edges. New leaves emerge with a very bright pink color and some leaves end up entirely white.

On the other hand, In Hoya krimson Queen leaves you will find a darker green color in the center. In the outer line, you will find the white color.

In the leaves, chlorophylls are found. The leaves are thinner than Krimson Princess. In Krimson Queen the majority of the leaves are green.

In its leaves sometimes you will find totally white leaves.  Usually in Krimson Princess leaves you will not get that kind of leaves.

Height and Structure

Hoya Krimson Princess is a slow-growing plant so its height is a bit lower than hoya Krimson Queen.

It can grow 3 to 4 ft when planted indoor but it can reach up to 15 to 18 ft when it is planted in the wild. Because it can absorb more sunlight while planting outside, this can help them grow fast.

On the other hand, Hoya Krimson Queen can grow approximately 5 to 6.5 ft (1.5-2m) long if there is an ideal indoor growing condition and around 25 ft when planted in the wild. The smooth, waxy leaves are 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) long and 2 inches (5 cm) wide.

Krimson Queen is comparatively longer than Krimson Princess because of their fast-growing.

Growth rate

The Krimson Princess growth rate is slower than the Krimson Queen. Because in Krimson Princess leaves do have not so many chlorophylls.

That’s become their growth rate slower. You can’t propagate it so fast because of its growth rate.

Elsewhere the Krimson queen is growing up fast. you have to propagate Or repot them so early. The reason behind the fast growth is its darker green leaves with full chlorophylls.


The stem of Hoya Krimson Princess is bright pink in color.

In Hoya Krimson Queen brownish stem is found. Both plants have long grown and winding stems which look amazing.


The flowers of both plants are almost the same at a first glance. But if you observe it carefully then you will notice that there is a little bit of difference in color.

Hoya Krimson Princess Flower
Hoya Krimson Princess Flower

The flowers of the Krimson princess are bright reddish in the center whereas the Krimson queen flowers are fully pinkish in color.

Hoya Krimson Princess Flowers have a light fragrance at night. But in my opinion, smells like chocolate.

Krimson queen flowers are unusual star-shaped waxy clusters that form a rounded flower head. 

In Hoya Krimson Princess Flowers are found reddish-pink color and the center is a darker red color.

Both plants are attractive for their beautiful flowers but there is less chance of blooming when growing indoors.

Because of the inadequate amount of sunlight and micronutrients that only can get when planted in the wild.

Growing Requirements

These two plants not only have physical differences. They have growing differences also. We have discussed differences based on their external look. Now it’s time to know their growing differences.


Krimson Princess needs less water than Krimson Queen because of its thick succulent leaves.

The leaves of the Krimson Princess can hold much water. While the plant is actively growing it needs watering. It is tough to say how much water it needs in a week because it varies depending on location and the environment.

Water should be applied when the soil has started to dry out. Do not water if it is wet because too much watering is more harmful than having not enough water.

Whereas, Krimson Queen leaves are thin so they require more water than Krimson Princess.

It is best to water Hoya Krimson Queen about 1-3 times frequently in a week.

It depends on the season and environment. It requires less watering in autumn and winter, about once or a maximum of twice a week.


Both plants need bright indirect light or bright filtered sunlight and an east-facing window so that plants can get adequate sunlight.

Krimson Princess is recommended to allow under sunlight a little bit longer than Krimson Queen because the leaves are thin and can store a little water. 

That’s why princess should be kept under sunlight a bit longer to dry up the soil quickly to avoid root rot.

Krimson Queen has thick leaves which are capable of storing too much water. So it doesn’t need to be kept under sunlight for a long time. Also, it has more green areas of the leaves than Krimson Princess which are used for photosynthesis.

It is important for Hoyas to provide sufficient sunlight to grow vigorously. But indoor conditions are different from outdoor conditions.

Outdoor plants which are growing in half or the full shaded area will not grow well in a shaded area inside the house because the sun outdoors is much stronger.


Hoyas need a little amount of fertilizer. But for adding some nutrients to the plants, fertilizer can be applied in a modest amount.

In Hoya Krimson Queen, fertilizer containing sufficient amounts of potassium and phosphorus should be used. Organic fertilizers are more beneficial to overall health than synthetic fertilizers.

Using synthetic fertilizer is a bit risky because it can cause burn at the root level. Fertilizer should be applied every two weeks in the growing season.

In using fertilizer for Hoya Krimson Princess, you need to be careful about the adequate amount of fertilizer. If liquid synthetic fertilizer is used it should be remembered that you need to dilute the dose at half-strength of what is indicated on the package to reduce any adverse effects.

Hoyas should not be fertilized in autumn and winter because the plants reduce their need for nutrients during these seasons. Also, over-fertilizing can kill the plants whereas under-fertilizing is not a big issue.

Similarities between Hoya Krimson Princess and Queen

They have too many similarities. Their family genus origins are the same. If you want to know about their care you will find that those are almost the same.

  • Both are required orchid bark with perlite in the soil mixture. 
  • Both are required average humidity. Higher humidity is best.
  • Both need indirect bright light.
  • Both love warm temperatures.
  • Both need the same type of fertilizer.

They give you almost the same kind of flower-scented flower. Their blooming timing is the same. They bloom after 2-3 years. 

In their leaves sometimes you found fully green leaves. Their new leaves are pinkish in color. They look so pretty. 

Flowering Season

Though the structure and color of the flower of the two plants are different, they have similarities in the flowering season.

Both plants are rarely found with flowers. They have less chance of blooming. Usually, it takes intervals of 2-3 years for blooming again.

The flowers of both plants are almost similar and both are very attractive plants for their flower.


Temperatures from 61-95 F (16-35 C) are ideal for both plants during spring and summer.

They cannot adopt temperature swings. Also, they are not frosted-tolerant. During winter, temperatures from 55-60 F can be tried for a month or two but lower than 45 F may encourage blooms late.

Both plants can totally adapt to home temperature if it’s within the given temperature range. So they are the perfect indoor plants and kept as houseplants.


Both plants thrive in high humidity. Hoyas give the best results and increase flowering with a humidity level between 70% to 80%.

Sometimes extra humidity may need to be provided if the air becomes dry during the summer season, with misting or a humidity tray.

However, misting the leaves can create more bad than good. It might help to improve the humidity but doesn’t produce the desired result. It can also create fungal problems in the plant’s foliage.

Higher humidity is better for Krimson Queen and princess both plants but it doesn’t need to stress too much about humidity. They can also do fine in lower humidity.


Both plants need a well-draining soil mix like other houseplants. Using a combination of peat moss-based potting mix with 2 parts peat moss and 1 part perlite is suggested for both Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess.

This combination of these ingredients ensures a good soil quality that gets enough moisture without becoming too soggy and prevents root rot and other plant diseases.

Both plants grow well in a mix of coconut coir, orchid bark and pumice. The soil must be both airy and well-draining.

Hoyas should be grown in a light, airy soil mix and not let become waterlogged.


Not a lot of pruning is required by Hoya Krimson Queen or Princess. It doesn’t encourage new growth.

They are low-maintenance houseplants that grow well without pruning.

Pruning can be done for encouraging bushy plant growth and for producing more flowers. Also, people may want pruning to control its growth and to propagate the variegated waxy plant. It can also prevent root rot or other pathogenic infections.

Any shoots with leaves that are not doing well can be removed during spring. So pruning is suggested if the plant is at risk.


Both Krimson Queen and Princess like to be repotted frequently. These plants should be repotted once or twice a year.

Fresh soil must be used when repotted and the pot that is used must have at least one drainage hole.

It is recommended that both plants should be potted in a terracotta pot. Because they take in extra moisture and allow for oxygen exchange to the roots.

Repotting in a huge pot should be avoided. Also in the winter and autumn season hoyas should not be repotted because they lack the energy to fill the new pot with roots quickly. Repotting should also be avoided when the plant is blooming.

Which are the best indoor plants between them?

Some people like the Hoya krimson princess most, and some are the Hoya Krimson queen.

They are the most common houseplant from an early age. Hoya Krimson Princess and Hoya Krimson Queen both are low-maintenance plants. Anybody can handle them easily. 

They are ornamental plants. They always embolized your indoor garden. Not only with their leaves but also with their flowers they make the garden beautiful. Both are best in my eyes. 

Why are people get confused?

People become confused about which is Princess and which is Queen. They have so many similarities as I mentioned before. Their leaves and stem flowers are almost the same. You find a little bit of a difference in color. That makes them unique from one another. 

Some people can’t recognize the difference. That’s why people become confused. And their similarity also confused people.

Where to Buy Krimson queen and princess?

Krimson Queen is much more expensive compared to Krimson Princess. The price of both plants varies depending on location and plant size.

The Price of Krimson Queen Tricolor in 4” pot beautiful rare houseplants starts from $20. The average price ranges from $20 to $49. (Check Etsy to Buy Healthy Live Krimson Queen.)

On the other hand, the Krimson princess is cheaper than the Krimson Queen. It has an average price of $20 to $35. (Check Etsy to Buy Healthy Live Krimson Princess.)

Final Thoughts

Hoya Carnosa Princess and Carnosa Queen both are the most amazing houseplant  I have ever seen. I saw many people, some do prefer princesses and some queens. As I mentioned before, they are low-maintenance plants and people can easily grow them.

And I’m sure after reading this you will never confuse them. Now you can choose what is your favorite Hoya Carnosa Princess vs Hoya Carnosa Queen.

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