Philodendron dark lord vs majesty [ Differences & Similarities to identify]

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Among the various philodendron varieties, dark lord and majesty are two renowned suggestions. But whenever you want to bring a new one into your house between them, you might have some confusion about which one is dark lord or majesty.

To be honest, they are closely related. That’s why people need to search for philodendron dark lord vs majesty. They only differ in their leaf color, shape, petiole, surface and stem thickness and branching.

It may become complicated for you when you will see these two plants beside one another in a nursery or website. 

Hence, I have mentioned the whole factors that I noticed in my philodendron dark lord and majesty. So enjoy them by scrolling below and getting your perfect solution.

Comparison Table Between Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

If I want to describe the difference, in a nutshell, I will take a look at what is presented below-

Difference Philodendron dark lordPhilodendron majesty
Leaf colorRed or PurpleGreen 
Leaf shapeArrow-shapedModerately cordate-shaped
Leaf petiole Pinkish to redDark green
Leaf surfaceSmooth and veins are clearUnclear veins and pale
Stem thickness Thinner than majestyThicker than the dark lord
Stem branchesBranched stem Branchless stem

Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

Philodendron dark lord is a cultivar under the species Philodendron erubescens which was first found in Panama and Colombia and the family Araceae. 

It is a tropical plant that can also be found in Africa and the Philippines. Having different colored foliage, it is considered an aristocratic and rare variety in philodendron. 

Besides, philodendron majesty has its existence in two species called Philodendron Verrucosum L. Mathieu and Philodendron sodiroi. They originated from the Caribbean and South America. 

This variety is also considered one of the most popular varieties of philodendron for its beautiful green color. Both of these plants are well-adjusted in pots.

Dark lord plant
Dark lord plant
Majesty plant
Majesty plant

Differences Between Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

Let’s turn to the main part of our discussion which is the difference between these two plants. If you don’t have a collection of these plants or haven’t studied them from a reliable source, it will be tough for you to differentiate them. That’s why the points are focused on elaborately.


Leaf, the first part of the plant will hit our mind in case of separating their characteristics. But, I want to divide the leaf into some parts to make you clear about the fact, just like zooming in on an image.


Whenever you are noticing a philodendron dark lord plant, you will find that there are mixed colored leaves in the plant. Some of them are brown and some of them are green. The green leaves also have a brown tint.

Then, if we turn to the philodendron majesty, we can notice completely dark green foliage. The leaves have no other color variations and they look completely green.


Next, the petiole is the basis that we can use to differentiate them. Petiole means the stalk that holds the leaf. 

As you can see in the picture, the philodendron dark lord has pinkish to red petiole whereas philodendron majesty has dark green petiole. By noticing carefully, you can easily recognize them.

Dark lord petiole
Dark lord petiole
majesty petiole
majesty petiole


This is a tricky solution that is not so easy to understand. The shape of the philodendron dark lord is arrow-shaped. They are broader in size and the tip of the leaf is near too pointed.

On the other hand, philodendron majesty has moderate cordate-shaped leaves. I am introducing the term moderate because it is not completely heart-shaped. But it seems like that.

At the same time, the leaves are smaller than the dark lord and have a roundish tip. The whole leaf is a little bit less than majesty. This is why I told you that it is a tricky point.


The surface indicates the leaf blade or the upper and enlarged portion of the leaf starting from the petiole. 

Philodendron dark lord has a leaf with a smooth surface. The surface is shiny and you can identify the midrib and the veins in that glossy portion. 

But the leaves of majesty are not so glossy. You may notice a mild midrib or central vein in the middle of the surface but cannot identify any other veins. 

Dark lord leaf
Dark lord leaf
Majesty leaf
Majesty leaf


After noticing the leaf part, you may notice the below part of the plant near the ground level and there you will get another basis of difference which is a stem.


Identifying the differences in stem parts was quite difficult for me when I was supposed to buy these two plants. Then I noticed that the stem of philodendron dark lord is thinner than majesty. 

The branches are thick in majesty and comparatively thin in dark lord which is mainly found near the soil as their stems don’t get too large.


The last part about stems is their branching. There remains branching in the philodendron dark lord plant stem. But you won’t find any branching in philodendron majesty. 

So, if you notice any part coming out of branches as a part of a stem, you can easily it as a philodendron dark lord.

Dark lord branched stem
Dark lord branched stem
Majesty stem
Majesty stem

Similarities Between Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

Finding similarities may be an easy job for you. But as an obligatory part, I have to mention that too. So, get ideas about this from here-

Plant Type

Both of these plants are perennial. They are mostly favorable as tropical ornamental house plants. They can grow well both inside and outside the house. But to keep them outside the house, they should be provided such a preferable condition as they want.

Spreading Type

Both of these plants are well spread in their width. They are not compacted at all. That’s why they are found to spread their leaves such as creating a perimeter. 

Benefits of Philodendron Dark Lord And Majesty

Meanwhile, I have tried to focus on the points of their characteristics. But why should you go for this plant? 

Some advantages will be effective for you if you bring them into your house. Check them below-

  • They serve as ornamental plants 
  • They create a healthy atmosphere in your house by purifying the air.
  • They will work as your incentive for doing jobs as they can increase concentration in the workplace.
  • Both of these plants are easy to care for since they can be adapted to various kinds of environments.
  • You can also grow them in water which will increase the beauty of your house.

Which Is the Best Between Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

I always become confused when anybody tells me to choose a specific variety as the best one. But both of these plants have almost the same quality. That’s why it is a tough job to identify. 

Firstly, if we want to look at the whole plant, the philodendron red lord has some red-coloured leaves with green foliage. But, the majesty possesses only green leaves. In this comparison, the dark lord is more suitable for your room.

But, unfortunately, this dark lord is not available in all places. Because of their extraordinary foliage, they are considered a rare variety. But you can find majesty comparatively much more than a dark lord. 

Due to their different colors, the philodendron dark lord is more expensive. So, after considering all these factors you can understand which is the best one.

Caring Guides For Philodendron Dark lord And Majesty

Let’s find better ways for taking perfect care of these two plants.

Soil typeSandy loam soil with neutral pH
SunlightBright indirect light
TemperatureThe optimum range is 55 to 90Day temperature is 75 to 85Night temperature is 65 to 70
WateringOnce a week when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry
Fertilizer Provide liquid fertilizers once a month
Pest and diseasesSpray an insecticide or use neem oil as needed


1. Can I find any variegated form of philodendron majesty?

No! Philodendron majesty has only green-coloured foliage. You can’t find other color combinations here. If it turns yellow or something else, it might be affected by any disease.

2. Is the philodendron dark lord easy to care for? 

Certainly. It is a drought-tolerant plant. It can withstand many kinds of adverse situations. But for their better development, you should maintain them properly with what they need.

3. How can I propagate the philodendron dark lord?

You can use stem or leaf cuttings to propagate this plant. It can initiate roots in water fast but is more appropriate to place in a pot after rooting.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the last part of our discussion. Philodendron, dark lord and majesty- both have created much appeal to the gardeners. Despite having lots of similarities, they cannot be measured on the same scale.

Here I focused on all of these facts which can reflect their differences properly. So, hopefully, I can expect that after studying the whole content consciously, you won’t make mistakes anymore in differentiating them.

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