7 Tips to Peace Lily Care Indoor || How to Grow & Bloom Them- [Complete Guide]

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Are you really worried about your little peace lily care? And upset for not getting flowers from your loving peace lily? Don’t worry.

Today I’m gonna be talking all about how to take the best care of your little peace lily as well as specifically how to get flowers from it and make yourself happy.

A lot of nurseries and people sell peace lilies. They use a special chemical to make them bloom just. It’s called gibberellic acid. So that they can sell them to consumers, who love the flower. Then once that first wave of flowers dies back a lot of people struggle to get them to bloom again. Because they don’t have that certain chemical.

I’ve arranged this article with general & natural care tips and have told you exactly what to do to make your peace lily bloom. Some quick overview of the peace lily: they are very common house plants and there is a pretty big variety of these plants. They come in different sizes and different variation patterns. Let’s see the General overview.

Peace Lily Care Overview

NamePeace Lilies
Botanical NameSpathiphyllum spp.
Plant TypeHouseplant
Sun ExposurePart Sun, Shade
Soil TypeLoamy
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeVaries
Flower ColorGreen, White
Hardiness Zones10, 11
Peace lily general overview

Where to buy Peace Lily?

You can buy Peace Lily from the local nursery. Also, you can check etsy Shop with lots of Peace Lily options.

Peace Lily Care Guide Step-by-Step

To learn the complete peace lily care guide we have divided the topic into 7 different sections.

And finally, we are talking about some special tips for you to get a flower from your peace lily. So let’s dive into our topic.

Water Requirement for Peace Lily (When, How much, What type of)

The first thing I’m gonna talk about is water. These plants are great at being vocal about when they want to be watered. 

You’ll see that their leaves really start to droop over and they just look a little sad. But once you water them they’re gonna perk right back up. It’s really fun to watch.

Despite popular belief, these plants don’t like to stay super soggy and wet the entire time. I do let my peace lily dry out between watering.
(Though you can use a Moisture probe to know when they need water.)

Just becomes specifically important for when you’re trying to make your peace lily flower. Keep in mind that they are drought tolerant despite popular belief.


Ok. You can water your peace lily about one to two times a week during the summer time.

And then in the winter, you can decrease that to about once every one to two weeks. But more likely when I see this plant tripping.

You can use tap water with almost no issues. But a lot of people do find that when they use tap water they’ll have little crispy tips. That’s pretty normal. 

Peace Lily root systems are kind of sensitive to chemicals. So if you’re seeing crispy tips on your piece Lily, try switching over to distilled or filtered water. You may start doing occasional showers like once to two times a year. That’s because these leaves are super good at picking up dust particles and all the dirt in your air.

What is the Perfect Soil for Peace Lily?

Soil is another important thing to make your peace lily perform better. Try to use less moisture control additives to the soil before the peace lily. Because they do like to stay a little moist.

They can dry out between waterings. But they are thirsty plants. So it’s about finding that balance. I know it’s a little bit confusing.

But one way to find that balance is to use less perlite. You can use a regular potting mix and add about half of the amount of perlite.

  • 80% Potting Mix
  • 20% Perlite

If you want my suggestion. I want to recommend you Espoma AP8 8-Quart Organic Potting Mix. You can buy it from amazon.

If you’re struggling with keeping up with the demand and thirst of your peace lily you can also use a Ceramic Glazed Pot instead of terracotta.

These plants will do just fine. And I think this suggestion of soil will help you a little bit more to do better for your peace lily.

Humidity & Temperature for Peace Lily

Let’s know about humidity and temperature for your peace lily. These plants will do just fine at any temperature that is comfortable for you.

Temperature: 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is one reason why they are great for your houseplants. 

They are a little bit more finicky with humidity. These plants do need pretty high humidity to thrive.

Humidity: 50% or more!

To maintain this value I would suggest you keep a Humidifier.
Otherwise, you are going to see the tips of the leaves start to crisp up and turn a little yellow. These crispy tips are really common and hard to control.

You might have these crispy tips of your peace lily leaves. But high humidity is one of the best ways to control them. 

On top of humidity also try to keep them away from drafty areas. So that’s gonna include things like doors, windows, AC units, and space heaters.

That’s all I want to share about humidity and temperature for your peace lily.

Peace lily light requirement

Now I wanna talk about light. Peace lilies are native to moist, hot, and shady tropical rainforests

These plants do prefer partial shade. Which is great news for a lot of house plant owners who are struggling with good light areas.

You can pull it pretty far back from an east-facing window if you have. They can also do pretty well in the west and north-facing windows. 

But remember, direct sunlight can cause them to become unhealthy as well as make their leaves brown and shriveled. So I can say that these plants are pretty flexible to lights. 

Which Fertilizer should I use for Peace Lily?

This time we will know the fertilizer for a peace lily.

As I said peace lily root systems are pretty sensitive to chemicals, which is why I don’t recommend using tap water.

But I heard some people use tap water and it’s fine. But just a tip. So it’s important to be gentle with your fertilizer.

And be mindful of what fertilizer you’re using to care for your peace lily. It’s always better to under-fertilize than over-fertilize.

As my suggestion, you can use a balanced organic fertilizer for your peace lily. You can use, Jacks Classic All Purpose Fertilizer It will do just fine. You can dilute it pretty heavily in a gallon of water and just pour it in about once every two weeks.

The fertilizing season for peace lily is about late spring to early fall. In the winter no need to fertilize this plant.

How to Propagate Peace Lily?

Now we know about the propagation of your peace lily.

With these plants, you’re gonna want to have more of them. They’re such a joy once you get their routine down. So how do you create more free peace lily for yourself?
You can use this knife for stem cutting.
What you’re gonna want to do is to find the crowns and the peace lily and where you repotting your peace lily-

  • Try to find the crown
  • Follow it down
  • Remove it from the mother plant very gently

It is common to lose some roots during this process. Just because their roots are a little bit fragile. So don’t be worried if you start to lose just a little bit of roots.

Once you have your separated baby peace lily, just put it in a pot with a similar soil mixture to that of the mother plant. Hope it will be just fine.

Peace Lily Flower

Okay. So now we will dive into the most interesting topic about peace lily. That is peace lily flower.

Flowers make the peace lily truly stand out amongst other house plants. It is super common to struggle with getting your peace lily to flower. And so I’m gonna share some great tips for inducing flowers.

It generally starts to bloom in June. 

The blooms are nice because they do last for about two months. The only thing I’ll note is that they do shed a lot of pollen all over the place and on the leaves.

So if you are a little bit of a clean person and you want perfect shiny leaves this may give you a little bit of trouble.

The flower of these plants is made up of a spathe and a spadix. The spathe is the white leaf looking thing. That is not considered the flower.

It is kind of the hood and the cover for the flower. The flower is the spadix and it is made up of lots of little tiny flowers. That is the stick thing that you see inside the staff.

The leaf-looking thing on the plant can turn a little bit greener as the flower matures. That’s the plant trying to shoot up chlorophyl into the leaf.

These things get the plant to photosynthesize more and bring more energy into the plant.

Once the plant feels a little bit more satisfied, the spathe can go back to white. So if you see this path changing color a little bit it’s nothing to be worried about. 

How to get flowers from Peace Lily?

To get these flowers in your peace lily here are some of my very special tips for you.

1. Brighter Light for Your Peace Lily 

This is tip number one.

Put your peace lily in the higher sun. So while these plants are lower light tolerant. If you want to see your peace lily flower, try putting it closer to the east or south-facing window. 

Definitely don’t put it in direct sunlight. 

But try to keep it a little bit closer there.

2. Good Fertilizing Routine for Peace Lily

Tip number two is finding a solid fertilizing routine. 

So that could be once every two weeks in the spring-summer fall and no fertilizer for the rest of the year. 

You’ll figure out what fertilizer and routine work for you. So if you’re new to houseplants or the peace lily in general don’t be worried if you don’t have things within the first year. Just keep going with the fertilizer and always remember that less is more.

3. Decrease Watering to Your Peace Lily

Tip number three is actually to decrease your watering in peace lily a little bit. 

So I mentioned above that you can wait to water your peace lily when you see that the leaves are drooping. Some people like to keep their peace lily a little bit moist.

That’s fine as long as it’s not soggy. But I said they are drought tolerant. So to induce flowering you’re going to wanna keep your peace lily a little bit on the drier side.

4. Keep Your Peace Lily Warm and Humid

The last tip is the humidity and warmth.

As I said peace lily is really like high humidity and warm temperatures, so it will be a little bit forgiving in general if you aren’t looking for blooms.

But that is something that you should prioritize if you do want to see your peace lily flower.


Do peace lilies need direct sunlight?

Don’t put it in direct sunlight. 

But try to keep it a little bit closer there.

If you want to see your peace lily flower, try putting it closer to the east or south-facing window. 

How do I get my peace lily to flower again?

You can follow my upper mentioned 4 tips.

  1. Brighter light for your peace lily 
  2. Good fertilizing routine for peace lily
  3. Decrease Watering to Your Peace Lily
  4. Keep Your Peace Lily Warm and Humid

How often should you water a peace lily plant?

These plants are great at being vocal about when they want to be watered. You’ll see that their leaves really start to droop over and they just look a little sad. But once you water them they’re gonna perk right back up. It’s really fun to watch.

What does an overwatered peace lily look like?

Peace lily prefers to have medium, indirect sunlight and will develop yellow leaves if it is getting too much light or very low light.

Overwatering and under-watering can cause leaves to wilt and the leaf edges to turn yellow or brown. Your container should have a drainage hole in it so the pot will not hold water.

Where should I place a peace lily in my house?

Don’t put it in direct sunlight. 

But try to keep it a little bit closer there.

If you want to see your peace lily flower, try putting it closer to the east or south-facing window. 

How long do peace lilies last?

They last for 2 months.

Generally, the white flower of the peace lily appears in the spring. If you care properly they may bloom again in the fall. The peace lily flower lasts for 2 months or more.

Should I cut the brown leaves off my peace lily?

Yes, you should cut the brown leaves off. Because an affected leaf may affect the other leaves from becoming brown.

How do I know if my peace lily has root rot?

If the leaves of the peace lily become yellow or have a wilting appearance, it is recognized as a root rot disease of a peace lily. Maybe the solution is to re-pot them in healthy and fresh soil.

Why are the edges of my peace lily turning brown?

There may be two reasons-

  • Very bright light or very low light
  • Overwatering or underwatering

Why does peace lily turn black?

I heard some people facing this problem. Almost all of them are from very cold weather. So I think that is the reason. The solution may be the temperature correction of your room. 

Final Thoughts

So that is what you can do throughout the year to make sure that your peace lily blooms when spring comes around. Once the flower starts to die back which again will take about two months just follow the flower to the base. You’ll see that it is attached to a leaf. Then follow that connected stem down to the base of the plant. Just snip it off right there.

And that is everything about peace lily care. I hope you’ve learned a little something about peace lily. Or maybe you feel more equipped now to bring one into your own home. 

Don’t feel frustrated if your peace lily isn’t flowering right away. As I said the nurseries do pump chemicals into them to make them flower. So it is a little bit harder for us to make them flower in our own home but I hope I helped you a little bit.

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