ZZ Plant Spiritual Meaning-[!Explained]

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The number of people who don’t know about the ZZ plant is very rare. At least those who know ZZ plant spiritual meaning, don’t want to avoid it. 

Then, what’s the secret of this plant? Why is it so popular that the ZZ plant will bring good luck to the man who possesses it?

It can be assumed that a ZZ plant has something magic inside it. Otherwise, why will people rush behind them?

That’s because I have brought this article for you so that you may also know about its hidden superiority.

Let’s get started.

Why is the ZZ plant called an eternity plant?

Are you acquainted with the statement that ZZ plants may live forever? You can call the ZZ plant an eternity plant for this fact.

How can a plant live forever? You may become astonished with this. But if you try to understand the internal meaning of this statement you may be convinced to support the line.

ZZ plant is a drought-resistant plant. It can survive in the most extreme environment where scarcity of light and water is seen.

zz plant expresses eternity
ZZ Plant expresses eternity

From ancient times, people believed that ZZ plants possess the qualities- of strength, prosperity, steadiness etc. entirely. 

The plant which has such potentialities may be called an eternity plant through its death. Because it spreads its fruitfulness in your home and workplace environment.

This is a belief that people have had in mind over years.

So let’s know more details about a ZZ plant.

ZZ Plant Carecteristics

Plant partZZ plant characteristics 
Scientific nameZamioculcas zamiifolia
Other namesEternity plant, fortune plant, aroid palm, fat boy 
OriginEastern Africa 
Plant typeHerbaceous perennial 
Leaf colorDark green
Leaf surfaceSmooth and shiny
Leaf size15.5-23.6 inches long with 6-8 leaflets
Leaf shapePinnate
Plant height17.7-23.5 inches around 
Flower colorBright yellow to brown
Flower typeSmall
Flower arrangement Spadix 
Propagation Stem cutting
zz plant
ZZ Plant

ZZ plant parts symbols

To understand the ZZ plants’ spiritual meaning, you need to know the symbolic sequences of their different plant parts.

ZZ plants are very fast growing. They can grow in very small care. It is the expression of growing up with small amounts of components.

They may be herbaceous but have a great tolerance power to survive in any worse situations. 

Their hardiness expresses the longevity of life. At the same time, it teaches conflict and continuation in adverse situations.

The dark green leaves are the symbol of vibrant life. The fresh look and succulent stems reflect the teaching of storage for future life.

The bright flowers exhibit the colorful mind. It is the source of happiness. 

The overall look of a ZZ plant will remove the tiredness and boredom of your whole day glittering from the side of your room.

Benefits of ZZ plant(according to spiritual meaning)

The spiritual meaning of a ZZ plant will disclose its benefits. Despite those, some more benefits should be reviewed so that you can understand why it is called an eternity plant or fortune plant.

Increasing creativity

How does a ZZ plant affect creativity? This answer is a hidden benefit of ZZ plants. You can’t visualize it.

Just simply think over a phenomenon. Can’t concentration and determination enhance your creativity? 

Peace of mind is needed for concentration in life and the presence of a ZZ plant on your work table will bring you that. 

A glance at that plant will make your mind fresh and you will get new enthusiasm for working.

Purify air

It is scientifically proven that ZZ plants are great air purifiers. The chemical constituents of a ZZ plant remove toxicity from the air.

It will bring a healthy environment to your house that will keep you free from many skin diseases.

Brings brightness to the bedroom

ZZ plant leaves are very shiny in nature. You need to place a ZZ plant in such a place from where it can get proper sunlight. 

The smooth surface of the leaves will glitter and it will reflect the sunlight

This dazzling light will keep removing the damping environment of your room. Spirited surroundings will always remain in your room.

Medicinal uses

ZZ plants possess some medicinal values. It works as an antioxidant

ZZ plants can be used to increase terpenoids, flavonoids and such kinds of elements that are important for body metabolism.

Sound sleep 

The presence of a ZZ plant will keep a soothing surrounding in your bedroom.

When it is time for sleeping, an invisible fragment will delete the stress from your mind and your brain will feel relaxed.

How can you be far from a sound sleep in such a condition?

ZZ plant care

The significance of ZZ plants is beyond description. So you should also do something for them.

Not too much, but a notable amount of care will make them serve you more.


ZZ plants are xerophytic in nature. So don’t water them too much. 

Provide water only if the surface of the soil is 50% dry. Underwatering and overwatering both have demerits for their growth.


Early morning sunlight! Yah! This is the most important thing for their vibrant life. 

The early morning rays are not so scorching. So the leaf stomata can get the perfect bright indirect light for their growth and they are not harmed by the radiation.

morning sunlight to zz plant
Morning sunlight to ZZ Plant


Over 60°F is best for ZZ plant growth. 60-80°F is optimum for their foliage production and blooming.

Below 50°F leads them to frost attack and they cannot manage their metabolism.

Fertilizer requirement 

Fertilizing once a month is enough to meet their fertilizer necessity. 

You may apply liquid fertilizer for their best accomplishment.

Final thoughts

We have reached the time of wrapping up. ZZ plants have become familiar to almost all kinds of people for their supremacy.

As a money plant or fortune plant, the ZZ plant is listed as one of the most effective plants that people believe.

ZZ plant spiritual meaning is established worldwide. Now, it is your time to decorate your room with this good luck plant if you have no collection of it.

Man relies on belief. So, it’s actually your choice if you want to have it or not. Hopefully, the calm nature of the ZZ plant will bring you great success.


1. Is the ZZ plant poisonous?

-ZZ plants are a little poisonous. Because of the presence of calcium oxalate, it irritates the skin and eyes. 

So avoid direct touch with the ZZ plants and keep away your child and pet from them.

2. May the ZZ plant bring bad luck? 

-ZZ plants cannot bring bad luck which is normally accepted. People consider this as a sign of fortune.

3. Where should a ZZ plant be placed?

-A ZZ plant should be placed in such a place where it can get bright light. Room corners or on the working or reading table etc. are allowed for decorative purposes.

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