How to Get Rid of Maple Tree Helicopters?- [!Explained]

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Maple tree leaves are fond of everyone. But what about maple tree helicopters of which common people are always bothered?

If you have maple trees in your locality, you must have faced problems because of them. That’s why people always search for the process of how to get rid of maple tree helicopters. 

Maple seed helicopters are the seeds derived from maple fruits. But they destroy the beauty of a lawn by spreading it everywhere. To remove them, you should follow some instructions such as limitations in fertilizer application, covering the plant etc. 

Are you surprised by the secret of their fast traveling and their productivity? These all answers are sorted here.

What is a maple tree helicopter?

You can get ideas about maple tree helicopters through samaras.

But what is a samara

The word “Samara” seems to give a charming tone which is originally the fruit of the maple tree.

Maple tree helicopters
Maple tree helicopters

The definition of seed derives from the fruit constituency. Maple fruits, samara, produce seeds inside them which are modified into helicopter-like structures. 

These seeds are produced as the reproductive medium of a maple tree.

These are called helicopters for two reasons-


Each seed consists of a little wing-like formation that is spread vertically. These two seeds are joined together which takes the form of a helicopter.

Spinning ability 

These seeds are light in weight. So they can easily fly just like a helicopter.

This represents the idea of a maple leaf helicopter. 

Why are these helicopters produced?

A maple tree of 50 years will easily produce a lot of helicopters. In an adverse situation, the plant feels stressed. 

Having stress, the maple plant starts to produce more and more helicopters for their survival purpose or objective. The pods are produced to protect their existence.

Silver maple trees are often seen to produce more helicopters than other maple trees.

What is the perfect environment for producing helicopters?

Every living being or source of new life needs a favorable time for its growth and development. Plants are not different. 

Maple leaves can produce helicopters when they get a pleasant situation which later leads to germination.

To get rid of these helicopters, you should know the environmental components needed for helicopter outturn.


Summer is the best season for helicopter development. The high temperature allows the tree to go for reproduction. 

On the other hand, this season has had no occurrence of rain and precipitation. Dry air is blown during the whole summer. 

As a result, the helicopters easily spin and reach their different destinations.


Frost’s attack creates a hazardous situation for helicopter production. The low temperature is adverse for maple tree reproduction.

So as the tree doesn’t get favorable conditions for reproduction, it doesn’t produce angiosperms; those are helicopters.

In absence of this cold temperature, helicopter production is facilitated.

Uses of fertilizer 

Fertilizers act as beneficial components for the overall system of a plant. During the germination period or reproductive time, fertilizers help to fulfill the nutritional requirement.

When a plant is in a growth phase, the blossoms will also be in an intense mood. So, the helicopters will be produced at a high range.


The humidity level is another factor that is needed for forming too many helicopters.

In the rainy season, the humidity percentage remains high. Plants don’t show interest in reproduction and helicopter production is retarted.

The same procedure is the opposite in the summer season which is the perfect season for helicopter production due to the presence of low humidity.

Are helicopters produced every year?

Due to the hazardous environment or any plant metabolic imbalanced situation production of helicopters may stop in several years. 

But this is not a normal phenomenon. It will happen only when the existing factors are contradictory for seed production, otherwise, it won’t.

Maple helicopter production
Maple helicopter production

Can bloom reduction stop helicopter production?

Of course! If blooming does not happen, pollination will be reduced or stopped completely. At that moment, fruit production will be hampered and helicopters won’t be produced so much.  

Seeds are normally produced for reproduction. But this excessive helicopter production is problematic in various aspects. 

That’s why it is generally neglected.

Maple tree helicopters create disturbance

The excessive production of maple tree helicopters is always disturbing in the maintenance of a lawn or pond.

The thin and light wings are the special features for spreading the beautiful samara seeds. But the same benefit is problematic for human activities. 

In lawn

Maple trees are often found near well-prepared lawns. The sides of the lawns are decorated by them because of their colorful foliage and flowers.

But helicopters create problems in this decorative architecture. 

Dirty lawn

The lawns often become dirty because of helicopters as they are spread here and there. 

With the help of strong wind, they can travel a long distance which makes the lawn unclean.

Unwanted maple seedlings

Sometimes, you will see the emergence of maple saplings here and there. If the spread samara helicopters get favorable conditions, they will germinate.

So the overall planning of your lawn will be ruined.

Maple tree helicopters in lawn
Maple tree helicopters in lawn

In pond

Ponds are another sphere where maple tree helicopters show their unwanted effects. 

A useful pond may turn into a grimy water reservoir because of helicopters’ spreading.

Water pollution

Red, silver and sugar maple seeds contain toxicity. If they are fallen on the pond, the pond water may be polluted. 

Reduces cleanliness 

If you establish a water garden in your house, maple tree helicopters may spoil the cleanliness of that place.

The outlook of the water garden will be cramped.

How to get rid of maple tree helicopters?

It won’t be pleasant if your morning starts with cleaning helicopters from the lawn.

To reduce the unwanted sprouting and spreading of samara helicopters, you should follow some specific rules.

Are you waiting for those methods?

Covering maple trees

Using polythene sheets or such kinds of things is beneficial. During the time of blooming, You should cover the maple trees with these so that the helicopters cannot come out.

Reducing fertilizer application

Stop providing fertilizer when the blooming is exceeding the normal amount or it is the time of blooming.

The fertilizer rate will create a healthy zone for more seed production. So, avoid this term carefully.

Growth regulating hormones

Growth regulatory hormones like auxin, gibberellin, abscisic acid etc. always benefit the redundancy of maple tree helicopters. 

Mixing 1-quart hormone per 10 gallons of water is the appropriate ratio of using hormones. The application of this mixture will reduce the potentiality of their growth.

Final thoughts 

Are you still tense about how to get rid of maple tree helicopters? 

Maple tree leaves are always a center of attraction for world people. But the huge helicopter-producing problem makes the trees’ appeal inferior to us.

But why won’t you plant such a beautiful tree in your area when the solution is ready for you?

Have the idea of protecting your garden, lawn and water garden from samara seed pods and apply it without any stress.

Hopefully, this summer is going to be more bright and colorful for you. Happy gardening!

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