9 Most popular Peace Lily Varieties with pictures & details

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If I ask you which is the most popular houseplant, you may suggest some houseplant names. But I am damn sure in your list there definitely will be Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). Isn’t it?

My next question will be which variety of Peace Lily do you like most?

Ok, this is a bit confusing. Do you know that there are so many varieties of Peace Lily?

If you don’t know, I am gonna introduce you with different types of peace lilies that will enhance the beauty of your indoors.

Let’s deep dive into our topic and explore the different varieties of this most popular plant for offices and homes.

Peace Lily Types with Names and Pictures

Peace lily is very stunning looking and one of the easiest plants to care for. They not only brighten your space but also clean the indoor air. You will be amazed that it is in NASA’s recommended list of houseplants that clean the air.

Ok, let’s talk about types of Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum varieties). 

1. Peace Lily Allison

Allison Peace Lily
Peace Lily Allison

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Allison

Our first selection is the Peace Lily Allison most popular variety of peace lily.  It has medium-sized leaves with dark green in color.

While mature, it has a height of 18-24”.

Like other peace lily varieties, you will be amazed at their uniquely hooded, white flowers and hardy nature. They are low maintenance. 

Though they are tropical plants. But they can grow in a semi-aquatic medium. 

However, if you are a Peace Lily lover, you will definitely love it.

2. Golden Peace Lily

Golden Peace Lily
Golden Peace Lily

Common name: Golden Peace Lily, Cobra Plant.

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum Golden.

Golden Peace Lily is a rare indoor flowering plant. It is very popular. Also, it’s an air-purifying plant recommended by NASA.

It’s an easy to care and low maintenance plant which is best for bedroom, office. It produces white flowers which look like the snake cobra.

If you look at their leaves, you will notice that the leaves are golden in color, also shiny and glossy with no spathes. Flowers are pale green while first blooming and eventually turn into creamy white.

3. Silver Cupido Peace Lily

Silver Cupido Peace Lily
Silver Cupido Peace Lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum Floribundum Silver Cupido

Silver Cupido is another popular variety in Peace Lily. If you lost interest in the classic peace lily, this will give you a positive feeling.

It has a touch of silver variegation, that’s why when you have this in your home, people may ask you “Is this plant real?”

For all new plant parents, Silver Cupido Peace Lily is a must.

4. Domino Peace Lily

Domino Peace Lily
Domino Peace Lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum Domino

Domino Peace Lily is a variegated version of the typical Peace Lily you have known. It is one of the best beginner-friendly houseplants because it’s very easy to grow.

The leaf’s color is marbled mixtures with deep green in color.

Domino Peace Lily is also famous for its air-purifying nature. You can place them in the office, living room or bedroom for a lovely greenery vibe with white flowers.

Put them in indirect bright light to get flowers from them.

5. Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily

Bongo Bongo Peace Lily
Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily 

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Bongo Bongo

If you wanna get amazing leaves in your Peace Lily you will like Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily. This variety has a spreading dimension of 50cm high and 40 cm wide.

It loves partial sunlight or shade. You will also get beautiful white flowers with lovely foliage.

I think you can increase the beauty of your indoors by keeping Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily.

6. Jessica Peace Lily

Peace Lily Jessica
Jessica Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Jessica

Peace Lily Jessica is another low-maintenance Peace Lily. It needs some easy care and gives you flowers occasionally.

The height of Jessica can be 30 cm and leaves up to 20 cm long.

The leaves of Jessica are so ornamental. They love shady areas. You can put them within 2 meters of your window. They love moderate natural light.

Water your Peace Lily Jessica twice a week. Sometimes you can mist them.

Here’s the short maintenance of the lovely Peace Lily Jessica.

7. Peace Lily Blue Moon ‘The Giant’

Blue Moon Peace Lily
Peace Lily Blue Moon ‘The Giant’

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Blue Moon

The Blue Moon Peace Lily is also called the Giant Peace Lily because of its lance-shaped, glossy and extra-large, dark leaves.

Their height can be 1-1.2 meters and their width can be 60 cm.

You can get flowers from them like other peace lily varieties during summer and autumn.

They have moderate water requirements. Keep them moist, but don’t make them soaked.

8. Sensation Peace Lily

Sensation Peace Lily
Sensation Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Sensation

Sensation Peace Lily has also deeply ribbed, large leaves. They will definitely increase the beauty of your indoor environment.

You can feel a wild vibe if you keep them in your space. Also, it is a NASA-recommended air-purifying plant. So it can also keep the air in your room healthy.

The height of the Sensation Peace Lily is about 2 meters which makes it look so gorgeous.

9. Picasso Peace Lily

Picasso Peace Lily
Picasso Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Picasso

Picasso Peace Lily is an evergreen tropical plant. They have large shiny leaves shaped like lances. The flowers are like the flowers in Arum Lily. 

Picasso is a rare variety of Peace Lily. You may not find them in a regular local nursery.

They are generally 2 meters long in outdoor conditions. But in indoor conditions, they are approx 0.5 m.

You can consider a Picasso Peace Lily in your indoor.

Final Verdict

Peace Lily is one of the most popular houseplants. Almost every plant parent has owned one of these at least. But different varieties of peace lily look almost similar by their appearance. All the varieties are beautiful at every stage and they are adorable too.

You should collect at least one of the peace lily varieties if you are a houseplant lover. This will express your superiority in choosing lovely plants.

WAIT!! You can go through the complete care guide of Peace lily and how to get flowers easily.
Also if you are worried about your peace lily watering on vacation read our guide.

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