10 Proven Benefits of ZZ Plant – (Are they Lucky?)

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Having a ZZ plant is beneficial- is it true? 

ZZ plants possess some qualities for which they are always at the center of attraction for thousands of people over years. 

From that point of view, it is clear that ZZ plants are beneficial. But a curious mind always wants to know detailed information. For them, ZZ plant benefits should be highlighted. 

ZZ plants can go through any hard situation exhibiting beautiful, strong and determined foliage which is fast growing. Vastu and Feng Shui theories are always supportive of them. Medicinal usage, decorative look and income source are the markable points of the ZZ plants.

The information provided here may be helpful to make you understand these terms more vividly.

zz plant
ZZ Plant

Why the ZZ plant? 

You must have some confusion in mind that among various available plants, why will you need or keep a ZZ plant?

In an ordinary sense, ZZ plants can be measured on the same scale as the other ornamental plants. 

But particularly saying, this plant has an extra value in the succulent world. 

Such a spontaneous maintaining plant with smooth beauty doesn’t deserve comparison with many other plants.

To realize the difference more, you need to know the benefits that you will get from a ZZ plant.

The answer will be clear to you.

ZZ plant benefits

ZZ plants are such plants that can always provide you with huge privileges.

The amenities are of different types. But the mixture of all the facilities will prove your choice of choosing the right. 

So, what are those special functions?

Let’s start?

Needs low maintenance 

A perfect level of maintenance is always needed if you want to get a healthy plant.

Undoubtedly, you are lucky in this case if you have a ZZ plant in your house. ZZ plants will provide you with no bother and minimum expenditure.

Even you may care for it while you are having a cup of coffee that you take in every morning.

Another point is, it requires such a small amount of things in an adequate interval that you may choose your free time for its nutrient coverage.

Are you still tense about its maintenance?

Then, I will lead you to the next points to assure your benefits from a ZZ plant.

Easy to multiply

Multiplication means the propagation system of a ZZ plant. 

Are you fond of increasing your plant collection in your hand instead of taking it from nurseries? The ZZ plant is also one of the best plants at this point.

Simply cut a stem from the matured mother plant and complete the implementation in the water or mixture of soil and peat moss. 

ZZ Plant cut stem planted in a pot
ZZ Plant cut stem planted in a pot

After some days, new roots will come out and seedlings will be grown.

The failure percentage of propagation is near 0%.

Ornamental value 

Simply decorated a house also will be extraordinary if you keep a ZZ plant in the room corner.  


Because of the prettiness of the foliage. The room seems to be vibrant when a ZZ plant is located on the wall.

ZZ Plant ornamental value
ZZ Plant ornamental value

Its color variance comes with a new look of rousing. 

So whenever a flash of sunlight falls on your ZZ plant, it will be scattered and will brighten your whole room.

Enhances air quality 

It is scientifically proven that ZZ plants can remove toxic elements from the air.

At the same time, as it goes through crassulacean acid metabolism, it can absorb more carbon-di-oxide from the air.

So you may place it in your bedroom for better surroundings.

The plant processes thus keep your room environment healthy and good for living.

Medicinal usage

ZZ plants are superb remedies for ear acne and inflammation. 

ZZ plants are also a good source of antioxidants. These plants include a handsome amount of steroids, terpenoids etc. which will cure various body problems.

The leaves are important for reducing stomach problems.

Money plant

From ancient times, this statement is established that ZZ plants bring good luck where they stay.

Actually,  fortune comes from hard work and determination. ZZ plants make a calm surrounding around you by which you may easily concentrate on your activities.

Placing a ZZ plant in your bedroom or working place provides you with a soothing brain that can give you more ideas and proper willpower to fulfill the projects.

Money plant
Money plant

In a nutshell, a ZZ plant is certainly a plant that brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Drought resistant 

Are you in such a place where summer brings great aridity?

Then, a  ZZ plant is your best choice. Many flowering and decorative plants cannot survive in excessive sunshine. 

But, ZZ plants are always adapted to adverse environments. They can store water in their fleshy roots and stems.

As a result, when the sunlight is too scorching, plants will take that stored water by osmosis process and will endure the worst temperature.

Adjusted with any place

ZZ plants are adjusted in any place because of their small size.

It is a pot-bound plant and moveable easily to anywhere such as a tea table, desktop table, bedroom corner, working place, corner shelf and so on.

You can place it anywhere just keeping in mind that it needs bright light.

ZZ Plant cut stem planted in a pot
ZZ Plant cut stem planted in a pot

Source of income

ZZ plants can also be an additional source of your income.

How? Because of its propagating quality. 

As I mentioned earlier, ZZ plants can easily complete their propagation and form new plants. 

You can produce more ZZ plants by using a single stem of a healthy mother plant. Nowadays, the necessity for ZZ plants is growing.

You can easily reach the customers and by selling them, you can earn a good amount.

Feng Shui 

Feng shui is a primitive Chinese knowledge of home decoration. It is a description from an architectural view that is supposed to be helpful for the inner stability of a home.

Inner stability indicates the good energy of a home that may protect the house and family members from any unwanted occurrence. 

According to Feng Shui, the ZZ plants are always one of the best plants whose existence is remarkable for your betterment.

ZZ plant requirements 

ZZ plant requirements are very trivial. It doesn’t need any special technique for caring. Just a little concentration will be adequate.

The plant that is serving you requires some concern from you too.

So to save your beautiful plant, follow the below-mentioned points-

  • Watering- Needs to be watered once in two weeks in winter and once or twice a week in summer days according to the temperature.
  • Optimum temperature- The 60-80°F temperature is best for their development and reproductivity. Below 50°F, they sloth their activities.
  • Sunlight- Indirect bright light is needed for them.
zz plant needs bright indirect light
ZZ Plant needs bright indirect light
  • Humidity- Around 40% humidity is perfect for them.
  • Nutrient requirement- Providing nutrients through liquid fertilizers once a month on summer and winter days is beneficial.
  • Repotting- If the pot size is too small, it will create a root bound to the fast-growing plant. So complete the repotting process if the plant needs it. 

Final thoughts

We are almost at the endpoint of our discussion of ZZ plant benefits. 

I tried to highlight the beneficial effects of a ZZ plant that may not be completely acquainted with you.

Purchasing or keeping a ZZ plant in your room corner is completely your decision. This article was just a suggestion for getting the information about this plant’s benefits and to ease your decision.

So, analyze the benefits and bring this plant to your house if you want.

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